This is how you can benefit from the strategic partnership between and Microsoft.

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The future workplace will be mobile, digital and available anywhere – thanks to virtual desktops from the cloud.

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T-Systems joins Microsoft’s Cloud OS Network and links Windows Azure to the private cloud.

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The partners Microsoft and T-Systems bundle their know-how for dynamic software, collaboration and desktop services

The strategy and sales partners Microsoft and T-Systems offer business customers demand-based, end-to-end solutions for a mobile and dynamic working world and global collaboration across different locations – with scalable services from the cloud that meet German compliance and security regulations.
Mobility and agility are becoming increasingly important in companies. Working on the move, on the train, or in the home office using different devices and on the basis of secure access to server and desktop applications is becoming standard practice. As an internationally certified Microsoft Alliance, Cloud and Gold Partner, T-Systems provides the requisite software and desktop services flexibly from highly secure cloud data centers. The Microsoft partner can thus boost productivity in the companies and help business customers save costs.
The right solution
Device-independent mobile working in the cloud with Dynamic Workplace.

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T-Systems and Microsoft: Competent partners

The partnership between Microsoft and T-Systems covers the areas of Unified Communication & Collaboration, Desktop Managed Services and Mobile Enterprise Services. T-Systems employs 1,800 certified experts and operates more than 1.5 million Microsoft workstations as well as one of the world's largest Exchange and SharePoint platforms each. Companies use the service packages to add and withdraw Exchange and SharePoint licenses, the communication application Lync, the entire Office software and the Windows operating system from the Microsoft partner as needed. In addition to license management, T-Systems handles application development, system integration, hosting and support.

Windows Azure meets the T-Systems private cloud

By combining various cloud offers, and Microsoft are pursuing a strategic cooperation for hybrid cloud services. Customers can thus move their data seamlessly between their own data center, Microsoft's public cloud, and the protected private cloud. With Microsoft as a partner, is expanding its manufacturer-independent cloud portfolio and can offer companies the right solutions to suit their business requirements.

Your benefits from our partnership with Microsoft

  • Higher productivity and cost efficiency:
    Efficient management of IT resources and digital workplaces including stationary and mobile device usage, powerful apps and business-related data.
  • Automatic license management:
    Desktop and mobile service packages from the Microsoft partner  including software licenses can be added and withdrawn as needed.
  • More than 10 years of cloud expertise and secure cloud services:
    More than 250 customers use the cloud platform operated by on the basis of highly secure data centers and German data privacy legislation.
  • The right cloud for every business:
    Dynamic and flexible combination of different cloud offers to form a hybrid IT landscape.
How the Dynamic Workplace Services work
With T-Systems' Dynamic Workplace Services, companies are able to increase productivity and cut costs.