Civil servant at regulatory authority checks status of cloud hyperscaler SLA

Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring for a financial institution

Detailed transparency on the SLA status of the cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for a German bank

February 29 2024

Transparency on SLA status at all times

Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring (SLA: service level agreement) from T-Systems enables the financial institution to monitor compliance with the service level agreements of the cloud providers Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. It thus gains full transparency on the SLA status at all times, which it can also report to supervisory authorities.

Monitoring solution meets the strict requirements of the financial supervisory authorities

The institution is pursuing a multi-cloud strategy as part of its digitalization with the hyperscalers Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This allows the bank to tap into the added value of digitalization for its business and avoids dependency on one cloud provider. However, multi-cloud strategies come with specific challenges. These include monitoring the service level agreements. In a regulated market such as the financial sector, transparent monitoring is important not only for controlling internal processes but also for companies in the financial industry to comply with the strict regulations and requirements imposed by the financial supervisory authorities. 

It is true that hyperscalers guarantee certain SLAs (service level agreements) for certain services – and also report these to customers. However, supervisory authorities such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BAFin) or the European Central Bank (ECB) are not satisfied with this monitoring of SLAs. They require cloud service customers to realize their own independent, reportable monitoring of compliance with the SLAs. 

With Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring, T-Systems offers a solution that aims to support the monitoring of cloud governance and compliance in multi-cloud environments.

Niklas Hohnstedt, Portfolio Manager at T-Systems

Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring as a scalable software-as-a-service offering

The bank commissioned T-Systems to develop a solution that closes this monitoring gap and provides an independent external view of SLA fulfillment. T-Systems realized this solution, Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring, as a scalable software-as-a-service offering. With access to the tool, bank employees can prepare individual analyses. The tool implemented in Azure also monitors the resources used in the Google Cloud via APIs. 

Those responsible at the bank can use this high-quality monitoring solution to gain up-to-date insights into the SLAs of the hyperscaler services. The financial institution is thus in a position to deal with current inquiries from the supervisory authorities and internal control units at any time. At the same time, it can initiate, substantiate, and resolve claims accordingly in the event of SLA violations. 

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