Guilherme Barreiro

From respect to results

Diversity doesn't just refer to cultures or nationalities. It's also important to offer employees fresh challenges and new responsibilities.
Portrait of Bianca Lorenzen, Teamlead Recruiting
Bianca Lorenzen

Teamlead Recruiting

Portrait Guilherme Barreiro
"In a year and a half of working together we've transformed from a group of different people into a team. And I think this is the key."
I joined the company from a competitor in January 2005 to support the very first offshore project between T-Systems Brazil and T-Systems North America. I wanted to be part of a multicultural team at an international company with ambitious targets. The decision was very easy and now, looking back, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
At present I'm primarily working locally but I've spent a lot of time in international teams. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know and respect different concepts, cultures and even ideas on how to both work and live. I think it's helped me with my current responsibilities, where we've grown into a very solid team in the past year-and-a-half.
Part of my efforts deal with controlling, purchasing and forecasting but on the other side I oversee a senior technical team that reacts when something goes wrong in a customer's environment. We've even integrated people from other Local Business Units to ensure we give our clients the best service possible.
Although my responsibilities now are in Brazil, I'm also part of Deutsche Telekom's Leadership Development Program. At the corporate headquarters in Bonn, we learn technical skills while sharing experiences and expertise with co-workers from other units. It's taught me how to handle some very difficult situations.
I personally like to exercise or play soccer to wind down after a stressful day but I also enjoy going out with my co-workers. We're a great team – we will even work harder to give time off to someone who's worked long hours recently. It's this kind of respect for each other that I appreciate. I think it shows in the high quality of our results.
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