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Julia Ewen

Head of management support at T-Systems

Julia Ewen +++ Head of management support for Delivery at T-Systems +++ Saarbrücken+++ Studied historical cultural studies +++ Hobbies: traveling +++ Joined T-Systems in July 2010
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Portrait of Julia Ewen
Julia Ewen, Vice President bei der T-Systems.
Why are you so right for Telekom?
Julia Ewen: At first glance I don't fit in at an ICT company at all. After all, I'm a cultural studies graduate. But if you look more closely, it's an excellent match - because Telekom represents diversity. I bring another perspective and different approaches than my more technical colleagues. We complement each other and can learn so much from each other, which allows us to develop further. I've gained a lot of confidence from this.
Magenta school report: What does Deutsche Telekom get good grades in?
Julia Ewen: My job and my private life are equally important to me, so a good work-life balance is essential Telekom allows me to have "connected life & work". I'm always "on", but this also allows me a great deal of freedom. Of course it's performance that counts, but where and when I do my work is of secondary importance. I really appreciate this flexibility and couldn't do without it.
Hang on, what is your role as head of management support exactly?
Julia Ewen: I take the load off my boss' shoulders. He's a member of the T-Systems' Board and responsible for Delivery. Together with my eight colleagues, I organize his daily schedule, prepare appointments and speeches, and plan meetings with employees and customers. We get a flood of information for him every day - and package it up into manageable chunks. Of course, my own day is tightly scheduled and can often be hectic, but it's always interesting. The best thing about my job is that I'm very close to top management and at the same time am working in an international environment - which appeals to me greatly.
Can you let us in on one of your favorite things about Telekom?
Julia Ewen: There are so many. At the moment I'm particularly interested in the construction of our new data center in Biere near Magdeburg. I've been able to follow the project from the initial draft resolutions to laying the foundation stone, in close discussions with project management and meetings with politicians and the press. The full spectrum, really. It's exciting.
What do you look forward to most when you head off to work in the morning?
Julia Ewen: To my colleagues, because I can rely on them completely. If I have a personal appointment, a colleague is quick to stand in for me. The art of organization is important in my job if you want to maintain your private life.
How can women make their way to the top at Telekom?
Julia Ewen: The same applies as for men - through exceptional performance, skills and know-how. Telekom offers women plenty of opportunities - but it expects that they take advantage of these. For example, I was offered the leadership of my team after just one year. I really welcomed this responsibility. Women often need to play catch-up when it comes to self-marketing. My advice is to develop your own initiative. Show what you're capable of and talk about it. Make yourself known - no one else will do this for you. Another essential is a good network.
What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Julia Ewen: Travel. I want to see the world. A friend gave me a book called "The hundred most beautiful cities of the world". I've already visited around 40 of them. I'm just doing a round-the-world trip in installments.
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