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Modernize legacy IT and save money

Old systems are still an important part of a company's IT department. Their operation simply needs to be brought up to date

Consolidate, merge, continue using legacy

Even for those who would still like to, existing IT infrastructure can't always be phased out and transferred to the cloud. There is still a need to continue operating legacy IT, but also to modernize it. Some companies want to reduce the amount of data they have, migrate, and historicize it. And many companies wish to retain their IT infrastructure and are looking for a secure location for their data center.

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Cyber protection team and firewall

Even if everyone is talking about the cloud and more and more companies are wanting to use cloud services in their various forms... What can we do with the essential old systems and the huge amounts of data they have accumulated? At the latest during migration into new applications, such as during system switches or after mergers, companies have to archive and historicize data. An irritating task, which nonetheless presents the opportunity to dispose of old data, improve the quality of the remaining essential data, and make these easy to access.

It's the same story with legacy IT. It continues to play an important role in IT. As not everything that should enter the cloud is easy to put there. Nevertheless, legacy IT can be modernized and costs reduced. For example, through the transfer of legacy data into a traditionally-operated data center. In the long term, companies can't avoid this, as it's becoming increasingly difficult to find administrators with the appropriate specialist knowledge.

And finally there are several reasons why you might want to continue operating your own data center. But does the data center have to be located on company grounds? For security and compliance reasons, it's sensible to outsource your server to a professionally-run data center. The server's operation can still be carried out by your own IT administrators.

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