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AWS Cost Optimization

The right amount of the right resources at the right time

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Analyze AWS workloads, reduce complexity

AWS cloud environments can be enormously complex for companies and take on large dimensions. In order to benefit from all of the advantages provided by the cloud, capacities must be appropriately dimensioned and complexity reduced. With Cost Optimization, AWS experts from T-Systems determine individual usage models and saving plans for each customer.

Optimize cloud resources

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The times of central procurement in corporate IT are over. Many specialist departments within companies obtain their resources from the AWS Cloud flexibly, quickly, and in line with their needs. Over time, it becomes almost impossible to track which department uses which cloud services for which purposes, or whether purchased cloud resources have even been used over a longer period of time. With AWS Cost Optimization, T-Systems analyzes all booked services, identifies possible savings potential, and optimizes your cloud operations. Furthermore, predictive algorithms provide accurate forecasts for the best possible use of Amazon Web Services in the future. In this way, you and your departments are free to concentrate on more important things and drive innovation forward in the company.

Dimensioning AWS resources appropriately

If you are using a steadily increasing amount of AWS resources in your company, the complexity and the need for optimization will quickly increase. Using a software tool set, we first analyze all of the infrastructure resources and services in use. During the next step, our AWS experts evaluate the results and provide specific recommendations for the technical and organizational optimization of your AWS environment. As a result of this, over- or under-provisioning of cloud services can be avoided thanks to rightsizing. What's more, we also optimize the purchasing method: AWS Saving Plans are used as well as the possibilities provided by other usage and reservation models, such as Reserved, On Demand, or Spot Instances.

Cost optimization consulting from T-Systems

  • Every customer is supported by a T-Systems expert for cost optimization
  • To assist in the classification of costs and recommendations for action, in order to optimize expenditure
  • Assistance with the development of a suitable tagging structure and the automation thereof for Managed AWS
  • Execution of training courses in relation to using the Cost Optimization Manager

Optimize now!

Our experts will be happy to analyze your AWS environment. We will advise you on how to optimize your cloud environment and show you how to get the most out of Amazon Web Services. Simply call or write to us.

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