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Cloud Financial Management with AWS

Manage your cloud costs and optimize your workloads on AWS

Gain transparency and reduce overall cost of your AWS resources

Cloud Financial Management on AWS (also known as CFM or FinOps) refers to the practices and tools used to optimize and manage costs in the cloud environment. It involves monitoring and analyzing cloud usage, identifying cost-saving opportunities, setting budgets, and implementing cost-control measures. With AWS cloud cost management tools, organizations can gain greater visibility, transparency, and control over their cloud spending, helping them to optimize costs, forecast better, increase efficiency, and improve their overall cloud ROI.

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How can enterprises control cloud costs? Find out how Cloud Financial Management can curb rising AWS cloud costs.

Maximizing business value with T-Systems’ Cloud Financial Management

Managing cloud costs can be challenging. AWS offers a range of tools and services that enable organizations to enhance their capability and business value through efficient management of AWS costs and workloads. T-Systems’ experts can assist you with Cloud Financial Management or FinOps strategy in various business-critical domains, such as:

  1. Optimization strategies: Developing and implementing strategies to optimize cloud costs and usage, such as utilizing reserved instances, leveraging spot instances, or using serverless architectures
  2. Cost optimization: Managing and optimizing cloud spending, identifying areas of overspending, minimizing waste
  3. Cloud cost modeling: Developing cost models to predict the cost impact of changes in cloud usage
  4. Cost allocation: Allocating cloud costs to different business units to facilitate chargeback or showback processes
  5. Resource Management: Managing cloud resources, tracking usage, and identifying underutilized resources
  6. Governance and compliance: Ensuring cloud usage and alignment with organizational policies, industry regulations, and compliance requirements
  7. Financial reporting: Generating financial reports and dashboards to monitor cloud spending and usage, as well as providing visibility into the cost of running various applications and services in the cloud

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