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Digital Covid Certificate: Empower your business

Reduce waiting time at the queues with easy covid certificate checks. Ensure seamless access to your premises

Reopen your gateways, help facilitate free movement and travel

While the vaccination drives are in full swing, methods to verify the covid health status are still manual, time consuming and increasing the burden on customer centric processes. We make it easier for all of us with our independent, and fully secured, compliant validation services that can easily help to meet operational and legal requirements to save individual time and efforts. The possibilities are endless, we highlight a few here.

Simplify the access validations for organizations, facilities & more

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Visitors, employees, customers, travelers can have their Digital Covid Certificates (DCC) being validated even before approaching the premises through DCC validation services. These services can be easily integrated into any app & the  access control system such that the app get the information about the successful validation immediately. Thus, simplifying the access controls, anywhere and everywhere.

There are no upfront costs or no initial investment to avail this services, it is just few cents per validation. You pay as you go!

Seamlessness for everyone in check-in process

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The validation service validates the information within the Digital Covid Certificates for the country of arrival, in combination with the country of arrival and the date of departure. Once the travel service providers are connected to T-Systems DCC Validation Service, for any booking or arrival or departure processes, validation service just by a scan of QR code securely authenticates the covid health status of the individual without storing or passing the data to any external platform.

Find more information and use cases using our service

* Download from October 2021. To the overview page of the European Commission: https://ec.europa.eu/health.

Interested in more information about our DCC validation services?

Just a few cents per validation. No upfront costs and no initial investment needed. Please contact us to learn more about this offer.

Upshift your business value

Business agility

T-Systems’ clients choose the best fitting setup for their own service offering

Cost control

Avoid lock-in, be resilient against outages

Security and compliance

Conformity with EU standards and secure data processing

Scalable and customizable

Scale up to meet your business needs

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