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Accelerate Digital Now @ DIGITAL X: The highlight

Missed the event? Check out the recap with the best moments from our X-PERT HUB here.

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IT-Onlinekonferenz 2022 SAP Expert-Talk

How do license optimization and a preliminary project support the SAP modernization?

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Telekom Edge NXT@CCI, presented by T-Systems

We help you get ready for the endless possibilities of Edge Computing, 5G Campus Networks empowering the next wave of digital transformation.

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Catena-X enabling digital economy

In collaboration with Automobilwoche.

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Deliver the Promise of SAP S/4HANA®

Get insights from T-Systems, SUSE and Intel on transforming your SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA® in our webinar.

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AWS Transformation Day

Get strategic insights from experts on your transformation in the cloud.

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Be Future-ready with SAP AMM

Find out in the webinar about T-Systems’ SAP AMM customer stories, the SmarTAMM assessment and more about modernizing your SAP environment.

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Remain competitive with AMM for SAP

Find out in the webinar how exactly T-Systems can support you with the management and modernization of your SAP environment.

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Technology for the sustainable future

How can you sustainably accelerate digitalization? Gain insights from leading industry experts at the T-Systems Industry Forum.

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Accelerate Digitalization Leadership Series

How can enterprises accelerate their digitalization and get ready for the Digital Decade? Our experts come together in a series of webinars to share their insights on diverse topics.

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At SAPPHIRE NOW, T-Systems shows how the T-Systems SAP Data Migration Factory paves the way to greater speed.

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IT Modernization Masterclass series

Looking to modernize your legacy systems? Our expert masterclass series explains how companies can benefit from our Future IT Transformation Suite.

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T-Systems at Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021

You missed a live session? No problem! Take a look at our recorded sessions.


How to approach successful cloud migration?

Solving the cloud puzzle with the Cloud Migration Framework.

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One step ahead with the right cloud security

Learn how you too can achieve secure, stable multi-cloud environments from IDC and T-Systems experts.

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Cloud Assessment in Practice: A Guide to Successful Cloud Migration

Multi-cloud is standard today. But how do you get a handle on multiple cloud infrastructures? Find out in this webinar on the 26th of March

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Edge Computing & 5G Technology

Attend this on-demand webinar to learn more about fast, decentralized data processing at the edge of the Internet from T-Systems and Intel.

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Industry Dialogue 4: Autonomous Driving

Technologies, application scenarios and an example of a productive teleoperated driving application.

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Accelerate Digital Now – with Speed & Agility

Get practical tips on how to accelerate your digital transformation within the next 50 days.

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Connected Car – Connected Customer

Regardless of the crisis, the car of the future will be connected. What are the right strategies and technologies?

Smart Security for SAP® Solutions

Smart Security for SAP® Solutions

Learn how to identify and eliminate potential security and compliance risks in our webcast from February 6.

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High-performance data management with big data and global edge analytics

How can you achieve better, faster data analysis with a new end-to-end solution?

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Private Access Protect Pro powered by Zscaler

In this online tutorial, you will learn how companies can provide their employees with fast, secure, and reliable remote access to applications and services.

Smart Security for SAP® Solutions

Smart Security for SAP® Solutions

Learn how to identify and eliminate potential security and compliance risks in our webcast from February 6.

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