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Accelerate Digital Now

Episode 1: February 22, 2022

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Get ready for 2022

In 2022, IT is in the pole position – in every company. Digitalization and transformation projects offer opportunities, but both of these require flexibility and a forward-looking foundation on which to build the necessary capacity for innovation. As an IT decision-maker, you play a key role in this, since the IT infrastructure will become a key catalyst for successful business and the future security of companies.

The technology is there, as is the expertise

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Now it’s time to take the next step:

  • how can your IT become the innovation driver for the entire company? 
  • How can you achieve the convergence of IT and the operational business without frictional losses? 
  • How can you set up digital projects with direct ROI? 
  • How can you scale up available technologies efficiently and securely from day 1?

What you can expect from #ADN22

Interviewing Linus Neumann

With Accelerate Digital Now (#ADN22) in February 2022, we are creating the optimal prerequisites for this together with you: selected experts, insights and new expertise based on methodology sharpen your focus for the things that really matter to you personally.

In February, we are inviting you to join us in shaping the future! What do we want to achieve with this? We want to accompany you and your plans on an equal footing, in a strategically secure, well-thought-out and sustainably successful way.

Dates and more information


February 22, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Innovation done right: IT plays a key role. But what does it depend on?

Welcome to T-Time!

As part of #ADN22 we will be talking to exciting people, who deal with trend developments in a technological context, so that you as an IT decision-maker can start the New Year in the best possible way – both inspired and informed!

In the first T-Time, author and journalist, Dr. Thomas Ramge, is our guest. We’ll be talking about how digital transformation processes and reliable decision-making go together, what role a high-performing IT infrastructure plays, and how mature AI technology opens up new opportunities.

What’s next?

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The invitations presented here are just the start of many meetings spread out across the year, to give you the best possible help to see you through 2022. With a hybrid event format that is consistent across the year: “Accelerate Digital Now”.

A hybrid “hub and spoke” concept which combines digital and physical formats and regional satellite events. It focuses on your needs with high-quality, sector-specific advice as well as the local integration of partners and in virtual formats.

Take the first step with us and become part of the ADN community, because complex challenges are best solved together!

We look forward to your project!

We are happy to provide you with the right experts and to answer your questions about planning, implementation, and maintenance for your digitization plans. Get in touch!

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