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Accelerate Digital Now @ DIGITAL X 2022

September 13 to 14: Our X-PERT HUB is at the intersection of digitalization mega trends

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We’re better together

We believe that the best solutions result from combining input from experts, trendsetters, and you. Accelerate Digital Now is our hybrid format that gathers the content you need to succeed – quickly – in your digital transformation. Our strong partnerships and focused consulting are here to help you translate all the information into solutions that work for you.

DIGITAL X 2022: Shaping tomorrow together

skyline of Cologne with bright scribbles

DIGITAL X is all over the map, literally. This extraordinary live event and winner of four BEA World Awards, and the international Heavent Award for the best event in 2021, is going to transform Cologne into the city of the future on September 13 to 14. Hundreds of speakers on five stages is just the beginning. We’re offering high-tech showcases on the megatrends and hottest topics in digitalization and will be working with our partners to present an unforgettably productive experience.

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T-Systems X-PERT HUB @ DIGITAL X 2022

Trustworthy relationships make digitalization better. Digitalization doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it’s where real and virtual worlds intersect, connecting people, products, and brands. Interoperable networks based on cloud, smart edge applications, and collaborative data ecosystems are the digital glue that holds it all together. And it relies on solid partnerships as a foundation.

The metaverse, blockchain, and quantum computing are the next game changers. And they are going to require digital identities that are simple, universally applicable, and most importantly, trustworthy. We’re sharing space with our partners, presenting pioneering solutions for industry, and talking about the common ground for our common future.

In our X-PERT HUB at the DIGITAL X, we’re going to work together with you to find real solutions so you and your enterprise can thrive in the next wave of digitalization. Because we’re better together.

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September 13 – 14, 2022

Accelerate Digital Now @ DIGITAL X


Our Partners @ DIGITAL X


Partnerships are everything. Our partners like AWS, Fortinet, Snow, and SNP will be joining us in helping you find out what you need to know to keep the digitalization of your enterprise accelerating.

Together with our partners, we’re presenting the megatrends in digitalization in the T-Systems X-PERT HUB. In our workshops and sessions, you’ll discover how the metaverse, quantum computing, blockchain, and digital identities can lead to pioneering solutions for your enterprise.

The X-PERT HUB expert sessions will provide insights of digitalization which fuel the collaboration with our customers and our partners in order to turn information into solutions that work for our customers.

Because we’re better together. 

How to find us


X marks the spot: Our space is called the X-PERT HUB, at Friesenstrasse 80, and is at the intersection of the Future, Interactive, and Disruption Districts. We’re based in the Enchilada restaurant, where we want to collaborate with you. We’re serving spicy workshops, showcases, and one-on-ones to explore game-changing technologies and turn facts into solutions you can use to accelerate your digitalization.

Shaping tomorrow together is the name of the game. Please reserve your spot at our X-PERT HUB, and we will work together to get it done with pioneering solutions for our shared future.

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Last year Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the keynote. Who will it be this year? Schedule highlights, new topics, exciting guest speakers: Sign up to get updates about T-Systems @ DIGITAL X 2022.
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