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Accelerate Digital Now – Cloud First

Derive maximum benefits from the cloud and guide your company to the digital future

February 16th & 17th  | Livestream

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Transforming at a fast Pace

2020 has shown us how fast things can change and the speed at which digital transformation is happening now. Success in the digital world requires the right foundation that includes a well-managed, secure and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.

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February 16th and 17th, 2021

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Address the Challenges of Digitization

No matter what industry, no matter what business process or what cloud: T-Systems is here to help you succeed in shaping your company’s digital future.

Our online Accelerate Digital Now – Cloud First event will help you answer questions related to key issues like:

IT Transformation

Managing and monitoring complex system landscapes pushes many companies to their limits, affecting business efficiency and innovation potential. Are you looking for ways to transition large legacy infrastructures towards state-of-the-art cloud solutions to streamline your IT capabilities?

Cloud Migration

New business models and customer expectations require fast and intelligently-connected services that run in an agile environment. Do you want to simplify and modernize your IT landscape into partial or complete hyperscaler/cloud environments as a key enabler for digital transformation?

Industrial Security

Around-the-clock protection of the entire value chain from unauthorized access, sabotage, and ransom are essential when enabling the secure convergence of IT and OT production chains. Do you need help building and running an up-to-date OT and IT security architecture to ensure business resilience and continuity?

Meet your future and join us to learn more from the journeys other companies have made to embrace a secure cloud.

Meet experts like IT security expert Linus Neumann, former White House CIO and cybersecurity entrepreneur Theresa Payton, and T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh as they discuss how the future of business starts with the cloud.

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