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From connected vehicles to autonomous driving

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New forms of connectivity

Even today, car manufacturers’ processes and the customer experience are shaped to a significant extent by the connection of the vehicle with the outside world. Real-time traffic updates and information about the availability of nearby parking facilities and EV charging points, software updates over the air, remote diagnostics, and the remote control of auxiliary heating systems are just a few of the possible services. This networking of vehicles is progressing inexorably and is geared towards supporting critical driving functions in the near future.

Highly automated, fully automated, autonomous

A very recent example of the increase in networking is teleoperated driving, where the driving takes place from outside the vehicle. This and other services on the way to autonomous driving still require significant developments in existing vehicle back ends and connectivity solutions.

In the webinar, the experts will discuss fundamental propositions which the automotive industry must agree on in the near future:

  • Should autonomous vehicles drive only based on connectivity with the environment and back ends? Or does a car still have to be self-sufficient, since connectivity cannot be ensured everywhere and at all times?
  • Should the various vehicle back end platforms be merged into a single platform? Or does it make sense to continue to develop specialized platforms for the different application areas?
  • Should the platforms remain closed systems to which third parties cannot gain access? Or should platforms open up to third-party providers and offer them the possibility of providing not only infotainment, but also vehicle-related services?

Webcast: From connected vehicles to autonomous driving

The car industry is on its way to autonomous driving. What technical requirements still need to be addressed? You can learn more about this in this webcast.

Field test for teleoperated driving

In the webinar, experts show how a driver can remotely control a car in Tel Aviv from a control center in Stuttgart. The transmission of the necessary video streams must not take more than a few milliseconds, otherwise the overall reaction time will be too slow. The solution from T-Systems and the startup Ottopia, which recently won an award for innovation, relies on artificial intelligence. It looks a few seconds into the future and predicts the load on the cell site. This enables uninterrupted services even under difficult network conditions. Learn more about the requirements for remote-controlled driving and the implications for autonomous driving in the webinar.

The speakers and moderators

  • Joachim Klink
    Head of Business Development Connected Mobility, T-Systems
  • Jörg Tischler
    VP Connected Mobility, Solutions for Connected Car and Autonomous Driving, T-Systems
  • Dr. Ralf Frotscher
    Head of Systems Engineering, TWT
  • Ralf Bretting
    Deputy Chief Editor, automotiveIT
  • Yannick Polchow
    Editor, automotiveIT
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T-Systems presents this webcast in cooperation with automotiveIT.

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