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Europe's leading digitalization initiative for decision-makers

October 29 – 30 | Cologne

Cologne: hotspot for innovation and transformation

Some 120 national and international top speakers come together in Cologne's Koelnmesse exhibition center to present the facets of the digital transformation. Visitors can look forward to inspiring keynote speeches, controversial talks, and forward-thinking panels.

The huge annual finale of the Telekom initiative.

Digitalization is not a solo sport. Only together can we have an impact. To this end, in 2018 Deutsche Telekom founded the DIGITAL X initiative, which provides a platform for inspiration, exchange, and networks. In the meantime it has become Europe's biggest cross-sectoral digitalization initiative. Whether artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D printing, digital twin, or augmented reality: DIGITAL X presents fascinating technological solutions on site.

Germany's startups, corporations, and SMEs met together at six regional events in Stuttgart, Munich, Offenbach, Hamburg, and Berlin in 2019. Now they are coming together for the DIGITAL X finale in Cologne. Some 3,000 participants, 20,000 visitors, and 200 partners are expected to attend. Experience our product innovations live in hall 8!

Delivering flexible, agnostic blockchain solutions simply, quickly, and reliably

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Because the average length of most blockchain projects is between 4-12 weeks, it doesn’t make sense to spend an additional 2-4 weeks just setting up a blockchain environment. Likewise, when you are running a blockchain project or managing a blockchain solution in production, you want your team focused on adding value, not on routine maintenance tasks.

T-Systems has streamlined blockchain operational and development processes and developed the German Blockchain Ecosystem (GBE), a solution that enables enterprises to create their own individual blockchain applications. GBE is delivered as a complete system, including design, development, testing, and operating tools, as well as support. This means companies can include their suppliers and partner networks in the blockchain without high entry costs. For existing blockchain consortia, T-Systems assumes the function of a neutral party (validator) based on GBE. This safeguards and guarantees the integrity of the blockchain consortia independent of manufacturer, while maintaining European security and data protection standards.

5G Campus Edge for Industry 4.0

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The Internet of Things offers enterprises many opportunities to improve their capacity for innovation, react quicker to changes in the market, and increase production efficiency. The prerequisite for this is a standardized 5G network located on-site. It offers maximum broadband, connectivity for a large number of devices, and guaranteed service quality and security for the entire campus. Minimizing latency for the realization of communication-critical applications is a critical factor – this is the time between an event and the beginning of a visible reaction to it.

With its campus-specific edge computing platform, T-Systems provides a solution for on-site processing of large volumes of data, and transmitting the encrypted, aggregated evaluation to recipients off-campus. As part of a modular, end-to-end offer, T-Systems makes it possible to procure campus solutions, and their operation at Deutsche Telekom – complemented by integration, operational, and security services as well as applications.

Automotive Security Operation Center – The digital bodyguard for networked vehicles

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Increasing vehicle connectivity means a growing danger from cyber-attacks. Vehicle IT and telecommunication systems in and around the car have to be constantly protected against manipulation and interference. The Automotive Security Operation Center from T-Systems does just that – it is a central coordination unit with a highly qualified team of experts that collects and analyzes all security-relevant information around the clock and initiates countermeasures in critical cases. T-Systems is the only provider that can offer manufacturers and fleet operators an ASOC that combines the highest quality connectivity, security, in-car competence, and infrastructure. Customers profit from over 20 years of experience from T-Systems´ managed cyber security IT-SOC, currently the largest in Europe.

The right cloud for every application

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Flexible adaption of applications for your business while simultaneously modernizing legacy IT, reliably operate core applications, implement new business models, manage and integrate diverse public cloud solutions, and develop cloud native applications – these are the big challenges for businesses.

With Multi & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and Management (MHCIM), T-Systems provides a modular framework that gives companies control and transparency over their IT at all times – regardless of where it is operated today.

Future Cloud Infrastructure provides the freedom to implement industry-specific requirements in a private cloud environment that is as scalable and easy to use as a public cloud.

Multi- & Hybrid Cloud Management supports the integration and orchestration of private, public, hybrid and multi-clouds and helps to scale resources flexibly, manage costs and ensure compliance across all platforms.

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