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The next phase of innovations are happening at the edge as the need for compute intensive, low latency applications evolve. This requires a paradigm shift on the infrastructure front. And that is where the distributed edge cloud, AI at the edge, 5G campus networks et al comes into play. We at T-Systems, with industry leading cloud transformation capabilities, Edge expertise, data analytics & AI offerings and 5G & low-latency network capabilities, help companies deliver a real impact by implementing the best combination of cloud and edge.

Addressing the needs of Edge driven transformation

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Transformation at the edge is inevitable. As real-time becomes more real, a new solution is required to deal with low latency, application autonomy, data security and bandwidth thinning, which all require greater capability closer to the point of consumption.

Edge holds answers to shifts businesses are looking to achieve like higher productivity on the assembly line, mass customizations and lower wastages, higher automation and lower faster turnaround times in warehouses. Edge technology is here to boost next generation digital technology’s application spectrum with endless possibilities, redefining its implications on the future of digitization. Emergence of 5G further complements Edge paving way for an unimaginable scale and scope of innovation in virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive IoT space. 

Webinar: Experience Edge NXT

Discover new approaches in manage edge infrastructure, learn about new innovation from our experts in AI, Edge & Data.

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