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IDC Report: SAP on private platform

Paving the way to a modern public administration

Digitalization: Unlock private cloud potential with SAP

The modernization of legacy SAP ECC workloads has become an urgent matter. The pressure is mounting on public organizations to transform digitally, especially with the support for SAP coming to an end in 2027. SAP modernization is complex but achievable. If done right, government organizations can avoid major pitfalls while realizing the many benefits of the cloud. This IDC report investigates how the integration of multi-cloud capabilities from tech players like NetApp can drive a more innovative and effective public administration system.

Find answers to:

  • What are the modernization challenges faced by the public sector?
  • Why does the need for SAP digitalization increase?
  • Which modernization strategies should the European public sector prefer?
  • What role can a private cloud play?
  • How can T-Systems fuel the transformation roadmap?


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