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The T-Systems Industry Map: A new digitalization perspective

Experience a whole new way of exploring digital opportunities

March 31 2021Rajlaxmi Datta

T-Systems created the Industry Solutions Map to help organizations and companies explore its industry solutions through a virtual world of ‘gamified’ interaction. A 3D virtual depiction of a typical smart city, the map shows realistic implementations of T-Systems’ solutions. Clustered according to industry, buildings and stations are used to correspond to the physical work environments respective to each industry. 

The Right Solutions to the Right Problems

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The map enables identification of digitalization challenges via questions that are structured to direct the visitor to specific resources such as white papers, workshops or test offers for each topic. While guiding the user through simple navigation tools such as an industry selector, the map allows playful exploration of T-Systems’ portfolio in an industry context.

One Map for Many Industries

The T-Systems Industry Map covers vertical solutions across Manufacturing, Retail, Travel, Transport & Logistics (TTL ), Healthcare, Banking & Insurance and Automotive. Each industry has a dedicated layout on the map, and sub-industries can be experienced in great visual detail. The map helps in visualizing the relevant pain points and areas of interest; and helps in finding the respective solutions. The structure of the Industry Map makes it easy to find all industry-relevant information and offers access to our experts. 

Tackling Every Challenge

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Travel, Transport & Logistics (TTL): The TTL industry faces challenges such as growing parcel volumes and dynamic consumer demand patterns, tech-backed and heavily funded competitors, driver and skilled manpower shortage, digitization and automation with emerging technologies. The map helps logistics companies navigate to the different areas within logistics, get answers to their business problems, and engage with experts to build concrete solutions for these challenges from start to finish. 

Retail: Retail organizations have complex structures that require more sophisticated internal solutions. The map provides retailers with several options to mitigate these bottlenecks, with solutions such as an app for employee communication to promote better collaboration, a robotics process automation solution to reduce recurring routine processes, ‘experts on demand’ to give you access to IT experts with the right skills, and many more. 

Banking & Insurance: The banking and insurance industry faces a number of challenges such as manual processes and lack of digitization, use of legacy applications and infrastructure, security and cyber threats, high regulatory and compliance adherence for financial institutions, adoption of new emerging technologies in RPA, AI/ML, BlockChain. Solutions and offerings are clearly shown in the map through direct visualization of related processes in the banking and insurance section. This includes Cyber defence with SOC/SIEM, intelligent digital processes, robotics process automation, and BlockChain for banking. 

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