A hand from a robot hands over a plant stalk with leaves to a green hand made of leaves.

Turning over a new leaf

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Striking the right balance

While we innovate and leverage cutting-edge technologies to extract the best out of what life has to offer, we should also ensure that we give back to replenish the planet – because that’s the only one we inhabit for the foreseeable future! 

In this edition of the Future Practice magazine, you’ll find exclusive insights into the beautiful interplay of sustainability and high-end technology, and how it’s shaping up the digital future of business and society as a whole.

Adel Al-Saleh, CEO von T-Systems, steht vor seiner Elektro Dienstwagenflotte.

Green IT becoming the New Normal.

As a global IT supplier seeking to make the society more sustainable, T-Systems bears a great responsibility.

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A man with VR glasses running outside of the house, surrounded by flying papers and coffee cups.

The new virtual super mall is here

Explore how cloud is driving the retail sector and how T-Systems, with its innovation center, is poised to welcome the advent of the Metaverse.

A tree branch with green leaves and red apples.

Diary of an apple tree

Green farming: sensor-based control, seamless monitoring of supply chains and sharing of acquired data with consumers.

A sickroom being a film location

All in a day’s time!

T-Systems’ first fully virtual brand movie projects the company’s ultra-futuristic outlook and was filmed in just 24 hours.

A skyscraper with a wind wheel and solar panels in front of a window, a tree branch with green leaves on the right.

Sustainability is the new business maxim

With companies & governments racing to meet sustainability targets, digital innovations could lend a helping hand.

A man holding a notebook and a woman look like they are in love

SAP Modernization on Google Cloud

Explore how T-Systems and Google Cloud combine their expertise to achieve secure migrations, stable operations, data sovereignty, and innovation for SAP systems.

Sterile factory room with manufacturing equipment and workers dressed in sterile clothes.

A flood of problems drained

By combining sensor technology, machine learning, cloud shop floor intelligence, and edge computing, chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries brings essential stability to the ultrapure water supply of its semiconductor production.

AU-Bauer-Pavol (1)

Fusing AI and humanity for a better tomorrow

Data scientist Dr. Pavol Bauer on the reasons why many AI projects fail, three success factors to prevent this, and why Artificial Intelligence needs humanity for us to truly benefit from its potential excellence.

A car mechanic is working on a car with oily hands.

Semantic Data Layer based on Digital Twins (Catena-X)

Solving the automotive data confusion.

A car driver taps onto the montitor of the car's board computer to activate the self-driving mode.

Redefining the car as a product

Oliver Bahns on the importance of connected cars, why they continue to evolve, and avoidable braking maneuvers.

A woman working on her laptop and currently pauses for reflection.

How to embark on a SASE journey

SASE is the newest kid on the security block – but how do you make it work for your organization? Here are a few tips.

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