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May 27 2024Urs M. Krämer

Innovating car restoration

Restoring old cars is one of my passions providing me satisfaction through hands-on work and gratifying results. My former education, knowledge, and years of experience boost this pastime and I know a platform that could enhance various aspects of this restoration process. It offers a wide range of tools and capabilities for virtual collaboration and simulation so I can tap into the hive mind and restore it virtually before I do so in reality. Which platform do I have in mind? It’s the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. It is a complex platform with a multitude of capabilities, so it is nice to work with a team who knows both me, my car preferences, and the way I “work” on my cars. They are also aware of the platform and its benefits, and hence can undoubtedly improve my use of this platform so that it meets my specific requirements.

Connecting the dots between car restoration and the NVIDIA Omniverse platform

3D image of autonomous electric car

The NVIDIA Omniverse platform enables the creation of highly realistic virtual environments. By leveraging advanced physics simulations and rendering technologies, I can visualize the restoration process in real time, experimenting with different modifications and repairs before applying them to my vehicle. This virtual simulation can help me in planning and perfecting the restoration, reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring greater efficiency. Wow, I can see fewer errors, and different modifications catch my attention.

But this is just the beginning as far as the platform’s benefits are concerned. Joining other restoration enthusiasts all over the globe offers me the chance to share ideas in the community, exchange feedback, leveraging further creativity. I can even get others to work on various aspects of my vehicle in real time, which can lead to a better outcome.

With Omniverse I can create a digital twin of my car – its virtual replica. By capturing detailed 3D scans of the original vehicle, I will be able to create an accurate digital twin that will serve as a reference model throughout my restoration process. I can use it for virtual inspections, measurements, and simulations, thus ensuring precision and accuracy in every step. To enhance productivity and efficiency I can also use an extended, augmented, or virtual reality headset to collaborate with the team and experience the 1:1 digital twin model in my garage, next to my real car, or even overlaid.

Finally, AI plays a significant role in Omniverse as well. By integrating AI algorithms, the platform can analyze historical data and advise me on how to best go about my restoration. It can provide recommendations on parts sourcing and customization options based on my preferences. By simulating the aging process of materials and components, I can anticipate potential issues before they arise and plan preventive maintenance strategies.

The overall picture I get is that NVIDIA’s Omniverse is a powerful platform that can bring my hobby to the next level and lead to unexpected professional results. At the same time, it is clear to me that with its photorealistic and physically accurate virtual environments, the platform can offer much more than just a great playground for various hobbies. As NVIDIA claims, “Anything that is built will have a digital twin. Anything that moves will be autonomous. And anything autonomous will be simulated.” Powered by multi-GPU technology, this scalable platform enables the creation and operation of real time applications, delivering an exceptional user experience that includes advanced AI features. This opens the doors for cost-saving, reducing carbon footprint, driving revenue growth, and enhancing the operational efficiency of organizations across various sectors, from automotive and healthcare to the public sector.

With T-Systems 1+1 is more than 2

To fully use the potential of the NVIDIA Omniverse mentioned above on a bigger scale, i.e., within companies, we need to keep in mind that organizations are keen on safeguarding their existing investments and systems. They require the ability to repurpose and reuse their valuable data “treasury” as a fundamental foundation for adopting Omniverse technology. And they want to utilize this platform in a secure and compliant manner within the European regulatory framework. This is where T-Systems comes into the game.

T-Systems is a trusted partner and advisor with a strong position in the market that is familiar with the specific demands and IT requirements of its clients. NVIDIA is a platform company, and T-Systems is a solutions company and, in our cooperation, 1+1 adds up to more than two. Thanks to our long-term client relationships we can build specific solutions for them tailored for their needs on top of the NVIDIA platform. In addition, we can accompany clients to operate and integrate all their legacy systems into Omniverse. We can assist clients in migrating their data and operations to a secure and sovereign European cloud environment.

Recapping the benefits for the clients

In choosing to work with T-Systems, as a system integrator company our clients can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Expertise: Our specialized knowledge and experience in deploying and managing cloud platforms ensures smooth migration and efficient management of services like the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. We can offer fully managed NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud PaaS including Managed Omniverse Application stack and its design, implementation, and operational excellence. So, whether on-premise or cloud-based, T-Systems is your best partner.
  2. Tailored solutions: We can provide customized solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of the clients.
  3. Integration: We can integrate legacy systems, existing client digital assets and workflows, and data from different data sources.
  4. Support and maintenance: Ongoing support and maintenance provided by a trusted partner are often preferred by clients, rather than managing everything themselves or relying solely on NVIDIA’s support.
  5. Regulatory compliance: If the client operates in a regulated industry or region, working with T-Systems that understands local regulations and can ensure compliance is of great advantage.
  6. Cost saving and increase in efficiency

Overall, with T-Systems, clients can benefit from a more streamlined and personalized experience, with dedicated support and expertise including consulting, design, integration, and maintenance.

“Magenta-flavored” solutions strike home with our clients

Wireframe image of autonomous electric car

Partnering with NVIDIA is still in its early stages. Knowing how the platform works and how our clients work enables T-Systems to develop “magenta-flavored” solutions that will enhance the platform itself and meet the specific requirements of our clients, be it for a safe and sovereign data storage, a factory planning tool for the automotive industry or the connection of generative AI and Omniverse to improve visualization for drug discovery.

Omniverse, industrial metaverse, and AI can bring unprecedented opportunities

The massive shift in generative AI is just the beginning of a positive radical shift in the field of Omniverse as well. The blending of Omniverse with NVIDIA AI Enterprise unlocks a new universe of possibilities where the industrial metaverse is unfolding. With XR technology this industrial metaverse will create an intuitive, immersive interface, which will empower seamless design, collaboration, training, and decision-making across industries, blurring the lines between digital and physical worlds. We are also moving towards a future that brings to life the next generation of digital twins and 3D simulations, powered by advanced AI, thus disclosing a world of countless opportunities. For organizations, this means faster innovation, streamlined processes, and a minimal number of errors, delivering safer, smarter, and more personalized products. Individuals can enjoy better training, increased safety, and enhanced well-being. The ripple effect can extend to the whole society with more efficient transportation networks, sustainable energy grids, or the discovery of novel drugs.

As the boundaries between physical and virtual reality blur, T-Systems strives to assist clients in solving their challenges and finding the best solutions, resulting in a better, cleaner, safer, fairer, and more sustainable reality. All the while we keep in mind that the physical reality always has priority because that is where we live, love, work, play, and some of us even restore old cars.

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