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Digital innovation in focus

A recent PAC study highlights the drivers of digital transformation and the most important core technologies

December 07 2022

Drivers of innovation

In the future, European companies will have to be more efficient, resilient and flexible in preparation for unexpected global events, and have the necessary tools to respond accordingly in critical situations. In addition, organizations must meet increasing customer expectations. Digitalization has a wide range of solutions to assist with these objectives: data-centric and public cloud-based platforms.

Digitalization trends 2023

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A recent study by PAC on behalf of T-Systems, provides a comprehensive outlook on the cloud and the innovation topics that European companies are currently working on, shedding light on which factors will determine their digital strategies in the coming year. In addition, the survey reveals where companies see the biggest digitalization hurdles, IT skills shortages, or lack of management support. Participants also outlined the digital projects in which they are most likely to invest in the near future. The complete study results will be published at the end of January 2023.

In times of profound transformation on one hand, and unpredictable economic developments on the other hand, the cloud scores not only by serving as a launch pad for innovation, but also by promising cost efficiency, agility, and flexibility.

Karsten Leclerque, Head of Infrastructure & Cloud Services Practice at PAC

Key findings

  • 75% of companies already have public cloud services in operation
  • 52% of respondents are already using blockchain services or have set up initial pilot projects
  • 28% of respondents say the lack of IT professionals is inhibiting investment in innovative technologies
  • 68% of respondents have implemented IoT scenarios in their company or are working on pilot projects
  • 58% of companies have already begun digitalizing their enterprise data and processes, while another 21% are still evaluating the process

About the study background

Companies view cloud platforms as important innovation centers. But what is the significance of innovation fields such as cloud, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, quantum computing, virtual reality and the like? How do companies assess these innovation drivers and what role do they play in their digitization strategy?

To get a clearer picture, T-Systems commissioned market analysis and consulting company, PAC, to survey European companies from various industries to find out, among other things, the status quo of their investment plans.

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