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T-Systems steps up in expertise with new AWS certification

Technical proficiency and customer success in AWS Direct Connect Services proven

July 01 2021

Deep magenta expertise for your AWS Networking infrastructure

T-Systems has been awarded the AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Designation! This is the latest step in a partnership that started in 2018. Since then, T-Systems has been helping companies to connect their locations securely and smoothly End to End to AWS – without any detours.

It was now time to take the next step: In completing an in-depth technical validation and business review, T-Systems’ expertise and understanding for AWS Direct Connect Services has been rewarded. Service Delivery Partners follow best practices and have proven their successful delivery to customers.

Flexibility in your choice, how to connect with AWS

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T-Systems Beyond represents a further development on the basis of which business partners receive highly available, scalable and uninterrupted services for their AWS environments. This gives T-Systems customers a wide and customized range of options to connect to AWS. AWS Regions provide multiple, physically separated and isolated Availability Zones. Connected with low latency, high throughput and highly redundant networking, they enable a more accessible and effective way to design applications and databases.

More capacity, privacy and innovation 

As a newly certified AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Partner, T-Systems now has the exclusive authorization to provision hosted capacities greater than 500 Mbps.

Additionally, its customers can access 1, 2, 5 or 10 Gbps dedicated connections within a few hours only. At select locations, they even benefit from high-bandwith connectivity with 100 Gbps between AWS and their data center. An increased capacity is especially beneficial for applications that transmit large data sets.

To allow such big capacities, T-Systems has invested in additional monitoring of the health of the network link between with AWS. On top, an automated Monitoring and Alerting solution are in place to provide an early response when needed.

This new certification also proves T-Systems’ capacity to deliver a truly private connection based on its combination of AWS understanding and AWS Partner Level. T-Systems customers are no longer exposed to intermediaries aggregating many users on shared cloud exchange platforms.

Finally, T-Systems now integrates the latest AWS networking constructs available inside the AWS cloud, no later than one month after release. The goal is to keep its cloud connect integration expertise up with the fast-paced AWS Networking Services innovation.


Technical Expertise

  • Deep knowledge of the latest AWS networking features
  • Early access to product feature releases and roadmaps
  • Validated experience working with specific AWS Direct Connect services & products

Time savings

  • Expert implementation of AWS Direct Connect services
  • Efficient deployment based on experience
  • Elimination of unnecessary troubleshooting by configuring it right the first time

Performance efficiency

  • Best practices with depth of specific AWS Direct Connect services
  • Expertise to help maximize investment
  • Optimal service configuration that can reduce total costs

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