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Telekom offers protective shield for connected machines

Due to unsafe software of industrial machines, many companies are targeted by hackers. We offer you the solution: Magenta Industrial Security integrates cyber defense for IT and plants.

February 17 2021

Control systems targeted by hackers

Cyberattacks on businesses continue to rise. Telekom's Security Operations Center (SOC) keeps an eye on several million attacks on companies every day. In an emergency, the security experts intervene. Until now, the main targets have been the corporate network and IT.

One third of industrial machines use insecure software

Disguised hacker reaches out to industrial machines

Machines are long-lived. Their software is difficult to update. That's why around a third use outdated versions of Windows, for example. These no longer receive support. Accordingly, they offer gaps for attackers. At the same time, different teams are often responsible for machines and IT in companies. This makes it difficult to take a comprehensive view of attacks. Now, connected machines are being targeted by hackers. A new Telekom offer provides protection. Magenta Industrial Security spans an umbrella over business control systems.

Direct attacks on systems bring production to a standstill. Hackers continue to steal business-critical data from machines as well as companies' intellectual property. This is what we secure our customers against.

Thomas Fetten, CEO Deutsche Telekom Security

Integrated SOC protects connected machines and corporate IT

Telekom Security advises companies on protecting the connected worlds of technology. The Group's security division offers businesses an integrated SOC for machines and IT. All security information flows together there. The cyber experts use special software for defense. Telekom also counters security incidents with artificial intelligence. For countermeasures, the Group continues to use the knowledge of its own SOCs. Telekom operates an international network of such centers. They protect Telekom and customer systems against the latest attack tactics.

Together for your security

Let us advise you on how to protect your company from any digital dangers. Our security experts look forward to meeting you.

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