CORPUS SIREO has taken a decisive step toward company-wide, end-to-end ​​​​​​​document management.

CORPUS SIREO: Dynamic Services for Archiving

Running and managing real estate is a highly dynamic business which, accordingly, demands a flexible response from CORPUS SIREO.
This also includes managing and archiving the growing number of documents and e-mails. To date, CORPUS SIREO was already using SAP data archiving based on the standard archiving product ImageMaster, and operated at the T-Systems data center.
To relieve the burden on the Exchange-based e-mail infrastructure, CORPUS SIREO was also looking for a cost-effective and memory-efficient solution. T-Systems implemented Dynamic Services for Archiving, connecting the Exchange server to the ImageMaster archiving system. CORPUS SIREO can now store its e-mails fully automatically and cost-effectively according to rules it defines itself, and at the same time reduce the data volume of the user mailboxes on the Exchange servers. With this scalable and flexible solution from the T-Systems Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite, CORPUS SIREO has taken a decisive step toward company-wide, end-to-end ​​​​​​​document management.

More about the CORPUS SIREO reference

  • CORPUS SIREO manages real estate worth around EUR 16.3 billion throughout Europe for companies, insurers and banks
  • The group has just under 570 employees at 11 locations
  • It offers all-round solutions for acquisition, management and marketing with a view to increasing the value of real estate portfolios or individual properties
  • Its holistic approach in real estate consulting ranges from analysis, purchase and management, with the objective of optimizing value, to sales
  • Expand SAP invoice archiving with ImageMaster to allow e-mail archiving
  • Reduce the burden on the Exchange servers and mailboxes
  • Automated storage of selected e-mails based on defined rules
  • Cost-effective storage solution
  • Quick and easy access for staff to archived e-mails and attachments
  • Local PST files dispensed with
  • Dynamic Services for Archiving for Exchange as part of the ECM suite
  • Automatic, central archiving of selected e-mails from 600 e-mail boxes
  • With initially 1.5 terabytes of storage
  • Direct access from Outlook
  • Local caching
  • Deduplication function
  • High availability
  • Service management conforming to ITIL
  • The automated storage procedure allows secure archiving and makes work easier
  • Quick access to archived e-mails and attachments
  • Standard storage cuts costs and reduces the burden on expensive Exchange capacities
  • High scalability allows quick adaptation to the market
  • An ideal basis for company-wide document management and collaboration
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“Partnership at its best.”
Friederike Buchheister, CIO of asset management company CORPUS SIREO, and Sebastian Soloschenko, Account Manager at T-Systems, about multi-vendor vs. single provider strategies (Best Practice 1/2017).