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"The communication network for all IoT applications from the T-Systems cloud saves us money and helps us significantly reduce our energy consumption. Moreover, this project is also the basis for additional future innovations."
Fernando Álvarez García, Head of Strategy and Modernization, Gijón City Council

Gijón: Smart City with intelligent lighting management

Cities and their infrastructures are changing due to digitization, because city officials are always working on saving energy and costs. Sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions are at the top of the agenda and are continuously gaining in importance. What's more, modern cities want to constantly offer their citizens new and improved services and consider themselves to be service providers. One way to achieve future-ready development is through innovative strategies and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in order to make your own processes and organizations as smart as possible. Gijón, the largest city in the Asturias region on the northern Spanish coast, is also striving to achieve this objective. Within the framework of their digital transformation plan, the city worked with T-Systems to take the first step: intelligent management of public lighting. This project was awarded the prize for best Smart City project at the sixth National Congress of Innovation and Public Services (CNIS) in Madrid.

Intelligent street lamps and a communication network for IoT

Gijón modernized more than 1,000 public lighting installations in the city center with LED technology. In addition, a central control system, which consists of PE.AMI nodes, monitors the entire lighting network. This system stems directly from the T-Systems cloud and simultaneously creates a communication network for all IoT applications, which will be integrated within the city in the future. The lighting project has hence created the foundation for many other optimizations, which Gijón can now gradually undertake. Nevertheless, the first step has already achieved a lot. The City Council saves about EUR 100,000 every year thanks to improved use of resources and the LED light points using less energy. In addition, the integrated management model enables intelligent and efficient management of city resources and services. Thanks to cloud support by T-Systems, information is available in real time – both for city officials as well as for third party providers. This project has paved the way for many other Smart City projects, such as intelligent parking systems, garbage containers and air quality measurements. The developed cloud platform offers the ideal basis for this.

More about the Gijón reference

  • Gijón is a Spanish city with about 280,000 inhabitants and is the economic center of the Asturias region.
  • The port and industrial city is home primarily to heavy industry, with steel mills, shipyards and machine building facilities.
  • The City Council is pursuing a digital transformation plan in order to lower costs and increase sustainability.
  • Lighting, green spaces and parking spots will increasingly be characterized by digitalization.
  • The previous public lighting system did not meet the same technical standard as the other public services.
  • Introduction of intelligent management of public lighting.
  • Monitoring of the lighting network by central control systems in the T-Systems cloud.
  • Use of new applications and integration into existing applications for the City Council.
  • Development of a communication network for all IoT applications.
  • Cost reduction by about EUR 100,000 per year thanks to improved use of resources.
  • Energy savings through efficient use of resources and modern LED-1040 light points.
  • Use of IoT for integrating various intelligent services.
  • More efficient public services through new potential management and information services like intelligent parking systems and garbage containers.
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