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"The Open Telekom Cloud always provides us with the exact capacity we need. Depending on the task, type of project and duration, we select virtual processing and storage resources with the click of a mouse."
Marco Di Filippo, Head of Cyber Security Engineering at KORAMIS

KORAMIS: Open Telekom Cloud helps to analyze weak points

KORAMIS, based in Saarbrücken is a specialist for automation, process and network technology. One of its core fields is industrial IT security. Well-known companies from all industries count on KORAMIS, when they want to strengthen their security processes. Open Telekom Cloud helps companies to achieve a new efficiency and reduces operating costs significantly. 
A cyber attack could cause serious consequences. If you overheat an oven on purpose, with Home Automation, you could cause huge damage in individual households. In case of a public infrastructure, like for example a railway network, it could even affect thousands of people. KORAMIS illustrates its customers’ infrastructures on an internet platform and invites hackers, according to the motto „Capture the Flag“, to hack them. This enables the company to identify safety gaps and records weak points for its customers at the same time. Fast results and quick customer reactions are absolutely essential. That’s the reason why the company needs performance at the touch of a button. Data security also plays an important role, since sensitive data is involved while public infrastructures are being analyzed.

KORAMIS uses Open Telekom Cloud as highly flexible basis

Sometimes, KORAMIS needs 250 processors and capacities for four terabyte data for its lab tests – in just one day. Open Telekom Cloud enables KORAMIS to receive the required resources from our highly secure TwinCore data centers in Magdeburg/Biere, just by the press of a button and even to attractive conditions. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with „Pay per Use“ does not only offer more flexibility for your business, it also reduces your costs. Because you only pay for what you really use. An additional advantage is the high transparency, which ensures to calculate several usage variations, including all discounts, before actual utilization. So compared to former times, KORAMIS benefits through a significant cost reduction and data security made in Germany.

More about KORAMIS reference

  • KORAMIS offers automation, process and network control technology solutions since 1999
  • The headquarter is in Saarbrücken
  • The company supports several industries like energy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals or even the producing industry, for building industrial IT security processes
  • Reduction of security weak points in monitoring and controlling processes of industrial IT infrastructures and systems
  • Increased customer demands in terms of security, price and speed 
  • Limited IT capacity in their own laboratory
  • Looking for an alternative to public cloud offers from the US
  • Reconstruction or rather illustration of the test IT infrastructures of KORAMIS customers by using cloud resources as basis for security tests and audits 
  • Up to 250 processors and capacities for four terabyte data storage are in use every day as scalable resources from the Open Telekom Cloud 
  • Cost saving: about 18 percent lower price than current AWS
  • Speed increase: complex calculations within 14 days instead of 6 years
  • Security: resources of Open Telekom Cloud are subject to the German data protection regulations
  • Open Telekom Cloud platform offers positive sales arguments towards KORAMIS customers
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