Schwan Cosmetics digitalisiert mit T-Systems Multimedia Solutions die Wartung und Reparatur von Produktionsanlagen.
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"With the help of digital glasses and the AR solution from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, our experts in Heroldsberg can see through the eyes of their colleagues abroad and support them with maintenance or repairs in real time. This saves costs and time: long flights to the subsidiaries are eliminated and machine downtimes are ideally reduced to a minimum."
Alexander Sarkissian, Digital Initiative Manager at Schwan Cosmetics and Project Manager

Schwan Cosmetics: More efficient machine maintenance thanks to Augmented Reality

Worldwide remote support for international subsidiaries

Schwan Cosmetics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the internationally active family business Schwan-STABILO and produces cosmetic pencils for many well-known brands. Schwan Cosmetics develops and produces the necessary production machines at its headquarters in Heroldsberg near Nuremberg and operates them at eight locations worldwide. Since the highly specialized experts for these machines work at the company headquarters, routine maintenance as well as defects in the production equipment pose a major challenge: Either the employees on site have to describe the problem via telephone, e-mail and photos, or a service expert has to make a time-consuming and costly flight to address the problem personally.

HoloLens glasses reduce downtime

The pilot project with Microsoft HoloLens was therefore initiated as part of Deutsche Telekom's "5G/Low Latency" program. These augmented reality glasses provide remote support for maintenance and repair work: The experts at the headquarters are connected to the machine operators or maintenance staff on site via a HoloLens desktop app and can see everything that the technician at the production site can see through the glasses. The service expert can detect defects via the field of vision of the eyeglasses, give instructions for machine settings and thus accompany the colleague through the maintenance or repair process. The support cases can be documented by  screenshots and text annotations to the video.
The biggest challenge for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions was to transfer the annotations from the 2D world of the desktop to the 3D world of the on-site employee - with high accuracy and without noticeable latencies.

Versatile application possibilities

Productive remote sessions have already been conducted at the Schwan Cosmetics subsidiary in Tennessee, USA – with great success. The travel costs of the service staff are reduced, downtimes of the machines are lowered to a minimum. At the same time, the quality of communication between machine operators and specialists increases.
In a next step, the scope of services of the HoloLens application is to be expanded, so that it can also be used for training purposes.

Details about the Schwan Cosmetics reference

  • Schwan Cosmetics, a subsidiary of the Schwan-STABILO family business, is the global market leader in the development and manufacture of cosmetic pencils – with 3,000 employees and nine production facilities.
  • From its headquarters in Heroldsberg near Nuremberg, subsidiaries in various countries are supported in the maintenance and repair of production machines.
  • The independent mechanical engineering company Schwan Cosmetics Produktionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG with its 56 employees manufactures complex machines for the cosmetics industry and is responsible for the maintenance of Schwan Cosmetics' machinery.
  • High organizational effort in case of machine defects or routine maintenance
  • Inefficient handling of technical problems at international locations: Service staff only available at the company's headquarters via telephone or photo documentation
  • Cost-intensive process: service employee needs to travel to production site
  • "See what others see": video live chat and video sync between AR device carrier and back office
  • Innovative and easy handling of voice and gesture control
  • 3D annotations on the machine for improved communication and interaction
  • Support Documentation of individual processes possible (text and images incl. annotations)
  • Minimization of downtimes and thus higher adherence to delivery dates.
  • Reduced repair costs and more efficient use of resources, as long journeys are no longer necessary.
  • Scalability of the solution and tailoring to customer needs.
  • Further application possibilities, e.g. creation of a knowledge database and execution of training courses as well as usability and security tests.
  • Establishment of Schwan Cosmetics as a digital leader.
T-Systems International GmbH

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