T-Systems also offers hosting of the solutions in an Infrastructure-as-a-Serivce (IAAS) model.

According to PAC (teknowlogy Group), T-Systems is "Best in Class" provider for SAP hosting

"T-Systems offers outstanding SAP hosting services in Switzerland as "Best in Class" provider. We awarded the company for its long-standing customer relationships, comprehensive cloud expertise and the continuous development of its SAP-related portfolio, among other things." – PAC 2019
Henning Heinrich
Henning Heinrich

Head of Marketing Strategy & Planning and Influencer Management

PAC (teknowlogy Group) confirms T-Systems "Best in Class" status

In its latest report, the team from PAC (teknowlogy Group) reviewed leading SAP hosting providers in Switzerland. In addition to market share and revenue development, focus is also placed on specific competencies in the SAP market environment as well as performance in this area. The result of this comprehensive review is a graphical representation of the current market situation. 
T-Systems scored particularly well in Switzerland in the rated areas of "Relative Market Strength" and "Expertise". With above-average ratings, the company earned itself the title "Best in Class" and is thus one of the top-ranked providers. The regional resource strength for SAP Hybris contributed towards this result, as did the variability of the SAP hosting price models and the extensive cloud expertise.
Criteria where the rating was clearly above average:
  • SAP hosting: Focus on large accounts
  • SAP Hosting: Market share of the provider in Switzerland
  • Scope of SAP hosting business (no. of customers, users, systems, etc.) – Switzerland
  • Regional SAP hosting experience in the sectors (coverage of various industries)
  • Experience with private cloud-based SAP hosting
  • Maturity and variability of the SAP hosting pricing models
  • Strength of the references; global/local lighthouse deals related to SAP hosting
  • Degree of automation in SAP hosting
  • Longevity of customer relationships in SAP hosting
  • SAP-related public cloud competence – SAP Cloud
  • Possibility of demand-based billing in hosting
  • Scope of SAP hosting business (no. of customers, users, systems, etc.) – worldwide
  • Employee resources for public cloud-based SAP hosting – Germany/Switzerland
  • Further development of the SAP-related portfolio – SAP hosting
  • Employee resources for SAP hosting – Switzerland
  • Regional resource strength for SAP Hybris (now SAP Marketing Cloud & SAP Commerce Cloud)
  • Data center resources – global
  • Private cloud-based SAP hosting platform
  • Degree of automation in SAP hosting – vision and plan 2020

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