T-Systems' cloud billing solution – a usage-based billing model – is the answer to modern pay-as-you-use business models.
Cloud Billing solution

Flexible and use-based billing for modern pay-as-you-use business models

Digitization is creating new business models that focus on the use of a certain service as opposed to the purchase of a product.
Pay-as-you-use: customers wish to pay only for the services they actually use. New devices and services facilitate the precise recording of user data according to place and time. Often factors such as current availability, time of year or day, etc., will influence the price of a service. Such factors pose a range of new challenges for the billing process. These in turn require a special billing system able to process large user data volumes and to manage the customer billing process.

Trends & drivers

Innovative cloud billing, leading-edge and individually adaptable
New business models require usage-based billing models. Digitization gives rise to a flood of user data that can then service as the basis for flexible invoicing.

Customer requirements

To offer innovative services, you need to offer usage-based billing. New business models need to be able to develop without the limitations that rigid pricing models cause. Instead of making a high investment, a smart billing solution is sought that can grow together with new business.

The solution

  • T-Systems’ cloud billing product was developed on the basis of the company’s long-standing experience in invoicing for services
  • It is a prefabricated tool based solely on open-source components and can be implemented quickly and inexpensively, with no licensing costs
  • We put our extensive billing expertise at our clients’ disposal, providing them with advice and, if required, adapting the tool to suit their needs
  • The event-based system architecture allows the tool to be flexibly integrated into various business platforms. Different events can be extracted and processed so as to serve as the data basis for usage-based billing
  • Cloud billing was developed for use in the cloud and is structured according to the needs of the customer. It is available either as software or as Billing as a Service in a T-Systems data center
The benefits for the customer
Companies can develop new digital services without having to concern themselves with invoicing
Invoicing models can be further developed on a collaborative basis as required, billing for small-volume transactions also possible
Open-source approach without licensing costs and with usage-based billing
If required, we can take over the running of your cloud billing solution in a T-Systems data center
Suitable for all business models – whether B2C, B2B, B2P – and revenue share models
A cloud billing architecture based on open source frameworks makes development and operation easy
Benefit from our many years of experience
T-Systems International GmbH

The right solution
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