A product optimization within the smart factory will be enabled through the individual, automated E2E solution.
Smart Factory

Intelligent, Automated Production Management

By comprehensively networking objects, systems and processes, manufacturing companies can achieve 2- to 3-fold productivity increases.
Due to changing customer behavior and demand for personalized products, companies now need to be able to manufacture one-off batches at mass production prices. T-Systems’ integrated solution for an individual, automated E2E solution – from sensor technology, networking, data transfer and process linking through to the operation of applications and big data analyses. Predictive analysis and optimization of E2E production processes in real time.

Trends & drivers

Gradual factory digitization using end-to-end interconnectedness as well as cross-location implementation from a single source
Digitization of markets and changing expectations of end consumers are changing production conditions. Disruptive competition is forcing customers to adopt new business models and make adjustments to the value chain.

Customer requirements

Reduced costs to counter increasing pressure from the competition. Innovation & quality to cater to changing consumer behavior. Product optimization through greater transparency and flexibility in the value chain and beyond as well as through real-time analyses for quick response times.

The Solution

  • End-to-end solution for the intelligent control of production processes (also from the cloud)
  • Preconfigured interfaces/converters between production /logistics and development/planning (conversion of development data into production data)
  • Extended T-Systems Manufacturing Execution System (MES) template based on partner solutions such as Apriso (3DS Delmia)
  • Integrated tracking and tracing solutions by T-Systems and partners such as TAGnology (TAGpilot)
  • Integration of ProGlove, the smart and intelligent glove for industrial purposes
  • Integration of M2M functionality; industry 4.0 solution
  • Strategic and architecture-related consulting services; implementation of digital transformation using standardized, proven methods
The benefits for the customer
... through improved use of resources, shorter waiting times; reduced process and IT costs through platform solutions; reduced investments
Efficient use of resources, i.e. people, tools and operating equipment, through networking
... through aggregation, analysis and evaluation of key business data
... to customer needs (individualized production) and to system failures through real-time detection of discrepancies
Mobile end devices and innovative people-machine interfaces (wearables)
Single point of truth: For operational excellence and business intelligence
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