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New Leader in Digital Business

T-Systems named a leader in ISG Provider Lens™ report “Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Germany, 2020”

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Excellent ratings in Germany and Brazil

T-Systems has been positioned as a leader in all five quadrants for Germany:  

  • Digital Business Consulting Services
  • Digital Customer Experience Services
  • Digital Product Lifecycle Services
  • Blockchain Services
  • Digital Supply Chain Transformation Services. 

In addition, T-Systems has received recognition as a ‘Rising Star’ for two quadrants in Brazil: Digital Product Lifecycle Services and Digital Supply Chain Transformation Services.

ISG Provider Lens™

You want to get all the details on how ISG rates the providers of digital services in Germany? Download the full report ”Digital Business - Solutions and Service Partners Germany, 2020” for free.

Market leading capabilities in digital consulting

Leader quadrant for Digital Business Consulting

ISG acknowledges T-Systems’ (MMS) leading capabilities in digital business consulting that enables businesses to transform their design, strategy and operations using IoT, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), mobile and cloud. In the report, ISG also refers to T-Systems’ ability to help customers in their digital journey – from conceptualizing their customers’ digital transformation vision to delivering the actions. According to ISG, the key strengths of T-Systems in digital consulting include:

  1. Wide range of consulting services portfolio and Cloudifier approach which provides high-quality consulting and management for hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  2. Deep multi-product and platform knowledge including AWS, Azure, Red Hat, ServiceNow, VMware and SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google
  3. Enhanced consulting, technology, direct cloud connectivity and related network services for hyperscale offerings

Strong in digital customer experience (CX) services

 Leader quadrant for customer eperience services

ISG rates T-Systems (MMS) as a Leader in digital CX services owing to its capability to deliver business model innovation that enables enterprises to build competitive differentiation in today’s digital economy. The analysts emphasize integrated digital consulting and CX framework as differentiators for T-Systems. Key strengths identified by ISG include:

  1. Integrated cross-functional CX consulting portfolio bolstered by capabilities from the Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems partner ecosystem
  2. Deep multi-product and platform expertise that assures vendor neutrality
  3. Value-added services with connectivity by bringing together the backbone portfolio of Deutsche Telekom (e.g. 5G, connectivity) with digital services

Highly capable and strong provider in digital PLM/PLS

eader quadrant for digital product lifecycle services

ISG observes that T-Systems (MMS) has a broad portfolio for PLM services. The company’s agile DevOps approach enables rapid and secure deployment, automated testing and continuous delivery for clients. While positioning T-Systems amongst the top-two leaders, the analysts describe T-Systems’ strengths as below:

  1. Integrated process competence owing to its long-term experience in PLM and usage of latest tools, platforms and DevOps methods
  2. Broad and deep technology competencies across the spectrum
  3. Cost efficiency enabled by a modularized service approach for PLM implementation projects, application management and operational services

T-Systems is a highly capable and strong digital consulting and CX solution delivery company with enviable ecosystem ties with technologies, tools, processes and connectivity networks.

ISG in its Provider Lens™ report ”Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Germany, 2020”

Leader in blockchain services with highly innovative service set

 Leader quadrant for blockchain

ISG positions T-Systems as a leader in blockchain services for the third time in a row. The analysts highlight T-Systems’ capability to combine cloud, IoT, security and networks such as 5G or NB-IoT with consulting and integration services for blockchain requirements. The company’s competencies in consulting, designing, deploying, and operating blockchain solutions are substantiated by:

  1. Fast launch time to market, strongly focused on customer value, high level of expertise with Dev/Test/Run toolkit, including DevOps, etc 
  2. Consulting full-service portfolio comprising strategic and tactical consulting services
  3. Standardization, consortia, and industry leadership

Advanced digital SCM capabilities differentiate T-Systems

Leader quadrant for digital supply chain transformation services

ISG highlights T-Systems’ strong focus on supply chain – Industry 4.0, Digitalization 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0 and the banner of supply chain 4.0. The analysts note that T-Systems’ Business Connect Services (BCS) integration platform enables rapid exchange of company data with business partners. Furthermore, ISG praises the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary for its blockchain capabilities that enable clients to optimize their entire ecosystem of suppliers, customers, employees, and third-party partners. Key strengths of T-Systems include:

  1. Integrated SCM competence built through long-term experience in SCM and digital transformation across industries
  2. Complete suite of intelligent digital SCM solutions
  3. Organizational transformation for customers through a modularized training to educate the customer’s workforce in a digital SCM academy.

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