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Report: Leverage Data Protection as a Managed Service

How do you align the cloud strategy of the future with data sovereignty? The IDC report throws light on the new offering

T-Systems and AWS launch Data Protection as a Managed Service

The rising debate around digital and data sovereignty in Europe is forcing organizations to make their cloud security, data protection, and compliance postures water-tight. In this context, Data Protection as a Managed Service becomes a strategic offering. The IDC Market Note analyzes the new security offering and how T-Systems will protect European organizations' business data in the AWS cloud with encryption and transparency controls.

Find detailed insights like

  • Why the need for Managed Data Protection?
  • What are the core components of the offering?
  • How the offering aligns with data regulations?
  • What data challenges can be solved?
  • How T-Systems and AWS can help?

Download the full report

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