Company profile of T-Systems International GmbH, one of the leading ICT specialists headquartered in Frankfurt/Main

About T-Systems

Our journey into the South African ICT market starts just three years after the birth of our democracy. In 1997, T-Systems International, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom invested in South Africa bringing expertise, innovation and intellectual property of a global ICT provider.
We are a company that transform our clients and our country by delivering innovative “ICT that Works”, in South Africa and for South Africa. We are entrusted to run our clients’ most critical ICT networks, applications and systems.


Our local clients include leading private and public-sector organisations across the following sectors:
  • Automotive and manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Mining
  • Retail
We understand the needs of local clients, they want the benefits of mobility, big data, apps, cloud computing and collaboration, while also managing the risks introduced by these new disruptive technologies and ways of working. With the expertise and research of our parent company, we can quickly get up to speed in offering these new innovations and global best practice capabilities.
Our strategy has evolved in line with industry trends towards in-sourcing and the commoditisation of certain ICT services. While retaining the best of our traditional approach to enterprise technology – which is about accuracy, efficiency, stability, and scalability, we have also integrated a new approach, which is all about agility, speed and innovation.


Our INTERNAL nation building programme creates a culture of inclusive transformation that embraces diversity, ignites innovation and enables trust and high performance. 
  • We are a fully localised company. Since establishing a presence in South Africa we have re-invested 100% of our local profits into the country.
Our EXTERNAL nation building programme contributes to South Africa’s transformation as a nation by embracing skills development, enterprise development/localisation and job creation.
  • We are committed to SA jobs, businesses and local sourcing and have focused on localisation and made significant investments in enterprise supplier development (ESD) to create 100% black-owned and managed ICT businesses.
  • We are committed to skills development and quality education and this is demonstrated through our ICT Academy, the Hazyview Digital Learning Centre in Mpumalanga as well  our 13-year-old internship program gives graduates a 12 months structured programme. 


 We have a track record in collaborating with other suppliers to securely migrate complex enterprise applications to the cloud and provide clients with high speed connectivity, modern ERP solutions, security and other critical services. In one ground breaking project, we piloted the remote monitoring and management of critical port infrastructure using information fed back to the Centre from drones and IoT sensors.
We are also working with specialist partners, some black-owned, as well as multinational players like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft to provide holistic services in a flexible and collaborative ecosystem that is better able to meet specific customer needs.