Sandra Mnyambu

Portrait Sandra Mnyambu

Sandra talks about her experiences in the ICT Acadamy and how the Acadamy has influenced her career.

When were you a student? 


What stream did you go into?


What is your current job?

I am currently a Portfolio coordinator/analyst for the Group Consulting Services division at Dimension Data Group where I am responsible for the delivery, support, governance and analysis of global strategic projects. I also provide system and process expertise on team initiatives as well as support of developing and managing collaboration platforms.

How has the ICT Academy helped you in terms of your chosen career?

The academy offered me an opportunity to broaden my perception about the ICT industry and the innovative roles that exist within it. The ICT skills I gained at the Academy have definitely afforded me an edge and flexibility in my career (especially in my current global role) as I am able to transition into any role that is driven by tech and innovation.  Noticing that there aren't enough women especially black women in key functions of the ICT industry, I have started an initiative to teach young people (with a key focus on girls and young women) coding and other computer skills, and also provide a platform for young women to be mentored by other women in the industry.

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