Children get educated on computer tablets and T-Systems emplyees assisting them

T-Systems South Africa Nation Building

Our contribution to a better society and workplace

Embrace diversity and enable trust

T-Systems embarked on a nation building journey to transform both its South African operations and the South African ICT industry in a sustainable, meaningful manner.  The objective of the programme is to create a culture of inclusive transformation that embraces diversity and enables trust and high performance within our organisation, whilst contributing to the bigger South African story through skills development, localisation and job creation.

Committed to create long term growth and sustainability for South Africa

Education center with students being educated

T-Systems’ transformation and empowerment strategy embraces diversity on every level of the organisation, from students at the ICT Academy to board level, touching lives at various levels of the community, both urban and rural communities.  

T-Systems is committed to inclusive transformation, embracing every challenge and opportunity with an innovative mind-set to provide our employees, our Customers and our Partners with opportunities to transform lives.

In support of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2030, T-Systems is committed to create long term growth and sustainability for South Africa through skills development, increased employment through its Internship Programme and localisation through various Enterprise Supplier Development initiatives to further improve T-Systems’ impeccable track record in this area.

Our Transformation Journey - T-Systems Nation Building

The Hazyview Digital Learning Centre (HDLC) is a key nation building initiative of T-Systems South Africa. This initiative particularly benefits disadvantaged communities around Hazyview - Mpumalanga. Up to 86% of all HDLC non-paying students are female.

The HDLC serves as a template for sustainable development projects going ahead, and we are proud of the successes achieved there. The project has birthed a fully functional service desk which operates out of Hazyview and services our own IT department, providing permanent employment opportunities for residents of this rural community.

As a multinational, we started our transformation journey before the first B-BBEE codes where enacted in 2005

  • In 2000 we changed our shareholding to include 25.1% local Black ownership, thus becoming one of the first multi-nationals within the ICT industry to embrace local ownership in South Africa.
  • In 2003 we launched the T-Systems South Africa ICT Academy, to begin sustainable investment in ICT skills required in the future South Africa.
  • Our Internship Programme was launched in 2006 to ensure that Graduates gain on the job experience and earn an income at the same time.

From an external perspective we contribute to the bigger South Africa by embracing the principles of skills development, job creation and localisation. 

Rural service desk in Hazyview

People working at the service desk in Hazyview

We have also established an ICT training Academy in Hazyview to ensure that rural youth have the same opportunities as urban youth. We are delighted to have taken our investment in Hazyview a level further, whereby we launched a rural service desk in Hazyview at the end of 2016. As such we can provide jobs for students after their studies. After a successful Proof of Concept (POC) our organization is using the rural service desk as our own internal service desk and are now ready to onboard external customers.

Jobs to more than 500 interns

We established our internship program in 2006, aimed at assisting graduates with tangible work experience. Interns are sourced from local institutions of higher learning and our own ICT Academy.  The program is a 12-month structured program comprising of 95% practical, on the job and technical training that is complimented by mentoring, coaching and life skills. T-Systems employ more than 70% of the interns internally. Over the period we have provided jobs to more than 500 interns.

Our efforts have been recognised in South Africa with several awards over the past years for the positive impact that we have made on various communities through our Nation Building programme.

Corporate Social Involvement (CSI)

T-Systems has a ‘Culture of Giving Back’.  We are committed to the transformational imperatives of South Africa and we stand behind the belief that effective empowerment is critical to business success in South Africa.  

Our aim with our CSI investment is to help in implementing sustainable initiatives that empower communities on many levels.

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