Digital transformation at automotive companies: T-Systems offers top-class consulting and innovative solutions.

Automotive & Manufacturing Industry

Take advantage of the digital transformation

High-tech industry segments like the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, plant construction and aircraft manufacturing have to master a radical upheaval. The networking of products and factories is intensifying classical IT requirements. At the same time, huge opportunities are presenting themselves.
Big Data in Automotive
White paper: Opportunities and challenges


The automotive industry has to face challenges of various kinds. Altered and heterogeneous customer needs, stricter regulations and guidelines, and technological drivers of change are factors that manufacturers, suppliers and service providers must provide themselves.
In order to remain successful despite the demanding value within this industry, excellence is essential in that variety of operational disciplines. From product development to product management, supply chain up to the retail, or after-sales & service, new quality standards are defined constantly. To ensure that this quality can be made across companies, all structures must be aligned to this goal – this includes the information and communication technology.
T-Systems International GmbH offers a variety of solutions to help your business optimally. Control your product development and your product management via an integrated product life cycle management system, or ensure an optimal supply of needed raw material at the right time by a supply chain management system.
Especially in the automotive industry, T-Systems has made it its task, to be able to respond flexible to all customer needs.
  • We have a presence in the international key markets: Germany, South Africa France, Spain, Nordics, Brazil, Asia, United States and Mexico. We operate 89 data centres with 128,000 m2 (including 24 twin-core data centers) worldwide.
  • The best network: Together with Telekom T-Systems offers the best European network, behind Germany's own fixed and mobile networks and roaming partners in 127 countries. The networks are managed centrally, proactively monitors equipped with the individual, highest bandwidth and features provided with personalized service.
  • Zero Outage: With our Zero Outage program, we rely on a clear zero-error strategy. We have established measures to further raise our quality standards and the error rate to minimize parallel. These are more than 20,000 certified staff in use, which contribute in addition to our high-availability technologies such as 99.999% failsafe twin-core data centres significantly to the quality of our services.
  • Cloud since 2004: We have detected early trends – T-Systems has offered our customers cloud solutions since 2004.
  • Automotive-DNA: T-Systems has been at the core of systems and processes of the automotive industry for 15 years. T-Systems was created in 2000 from Deutsche Telekom and Debis system house (Daimler). 2006 was followed by the Gedas acquisition.
  • T-Systems is the # 2 in Automotive in EMEA and the leading ICT service provider for Automotive in Germany. We provide ITC from one source. T-Systems customers therefore obtain the necessary guidance and assurance that the transformation in the digital world is possible. Customers can rely on our experience, solutions and operational excellence and vendor independence.