Health Industry

Connected Healthcare is the future

Medical advances, an aging population, administration, service delivery and increasing costs,  are the greatest challenges for the healthcare system. ICT solutions can help increase the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare costs are increasing year after year. Health insurance companies have to become more competitive by merging with other companies or outsourcing services. For hospitals, doctors and nursing staff, this means providing better services while still saving on costs. Patients are increasingly being asked to take their health into their own hands.
T-Systems ICT health solutions support all parties involved in the areas of telemedicine, telematics, care, hospitals, health insurance companies and in the secondary market for fitness and prevention. This is how T-Systems is contributing to guarantee quality and affordability in the healthcare sector - today and in the future.
T-Systems offers a complete end-to-end healthcare solution that simplifies and streamlines hospital processes to improve the experience of the patient and medical practitioner and at the same time ensures that the hospital operations; medical aid procedures and financial processes are run optimally and efficiently.