Digitization requires technological and business expertise.


Digitization requires technological and business expertise

Many companies still have problems getting to grips with the concept, but there is no way for them to avoid digitization. To succeed, however, it takes a combination of industry know how and ICT expertise. Only then will completely new business models become feasible.

Megatrend digitization

Whatever can be digitized will be digitized, and whatever can be connected will be connected. According to Forrester, even today, the industry average share of business generated by digital products and services is 29 percent of the total.  Those surveyed thought that around 47 percent of their revenue would come from digital activities by 2020.
Digitization offers enormous opportunities for growth – across all industries, sectors, regions and company sizes. The move away from sequential value chains towards flexible value networks in which the value chains of the customer and partner are connected will be the cooperation model of the future. This will lead to better processes, which will improve overall efficiency and reduce costs.
T-Systems offers the following Digitisation Services:
  • Cost savings through predictive maintenance
  • Big Data Analytics in the Cloud
  • Enhanced storage capacity and real-time access
  • SAP HANA® Migration Factory