The adaptable world network is growing

Feb 27, 2018

Though only recently launched on the market, the Smart SD WAN portfolio is already being expanded to include two new access designs and additional services. The VPN uses a global and agile network platform.
Two new and high-availability access designs are available straight away for the extremely adaptable “Smart SD WAN powered by ngena” world network. Companies can therefore use redundant Ethernet access technology to connect their sites to the global IP VPN. The new L option offers redundant Ethernet access with likewise redundant routers, while the XL option offers geo-redundancy to boot. The existing scope of service is furthermore being extended by additional network services: The world network can opt to use the best connection path depending on the application (Best Path Selection), thus improving transmission quality end-to-end (Automated Application Classification).

Interaction between new and established network

Further options for Smart SD WAN are in the pipeline: “During the course of 2018, we plan to expand the offer, for example, to include local Internet gateways, cloud connections and application-specific quality of service,” says Reinhold Wiesenfarth, who is responsible for the telecommunications portfolio at T-Systems. Currently a wide range of locations, such as Europe, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa are already connected. Additional locations can be added via existing internet connections. “The companies are supported by a single service manager in setting up a new network or switching their corporate network to Smart SD WAN. We are therefore offering our customers a managed end-to-end service round the clock,” says Wiesenfarth.

Fast and globally available

Smart SD WAN provides new connections and services with high international coverage and standardization in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, T-Systems is using the network alliance offering ngena (Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance). ngena connects the networks of different operators with modern SD WAN technology to create a global, automated network platform, and offers internationally standardized products and processes on this basis. The alliance now includes 17 global network operators among its partners. The T-Systems Smart SD WAN offering was launched in September 2017 with the access variants XS, S and M.
SD WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology for international corporate networks that allows networks to be controlled and automated centrally as well as network-related services, such as firewalls, to be made available practically at the press of a button.