Best service provider for digital workspace

May 17, 2016

Modern workspaces call for innovative services and solutions. Telekom and T-Systems came out ahead of the pack in this field in a Germany-wide provider comparison.
In the Experton Group's first Digital Workspace Service Provider Benchmark 2016, Telekom Deutschland and T-Systems took pole position for SME solutions and large enterprise solutions, respectively. The analyst firm named the two companies as best provider in all twelve categories – starting with their portfolios featuring consulting services for managed services and mobile enterprise and moving on to include security and end-to-end responsibility. As Experton summarized: "No other provider has such an extensive range."

Consulting services

Experton analyzed 37 IT workspace service providers on the German market over a period of four months and rated their portfolios and competitive strength in four categories. According to Experton, Telekom Deutschland offers "a portfolio perfectly tuned to the needs of SMEs and high-end mid-market players" when it comes to consulting services, i.e., workspace strategies and advisory services for business processes. T-Systems was also named the leader among its competitors for large enterprise consulting services. According to Experton, "T-Systems has a good grip on the market. It's going to be a while until anyone catches up."

Managed digital workspace services

Telekom and T-Systems offer "an extremely broad spectrum of service elements" when it comes to managed services with life-cycle management, user administration and change management. According to the analyst firm, service provision from the Telekom Cloud is at the fore in this area. "We can expect more high-end developments to come, not least due to the opportunity to develop customer-specific solutions," was analysts' favorable conclusion.

Mobile enterprise and security services

Telekom and T-Systems also came out on top in the Managed Mobile Enterprise Services category with solutions for mobile working and with what Experton referred to as an "exceptional digital workspace services portfolio that includes mobile enterprise, providing users with end-to-end service."
The Security Services category addresses the topic of security. According to Experton, security is of particular importance at Telekom Deutschland and T-Systems and represents a very strategically important business area. With a Security Operation Center in Germany and extensive services such as encryption, anti-virus, mobile device management and server security, the companies address "all the relevant technology fields."
Experton also found that the new Security unit contributed to the favorable results. In 2017 Telekom and T-Systems will be launching the new Telekom Security business unit with which the two companies intend to become the market leaders for security services in Europe.