T-Systems presented with cloud award

Apr 10, 2017

T-Systems is a successful innovation leader in the highly competitive cloud market and has received the award for European Cloud Services Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership.
Edmund English, Head of Marketing T-Systems UK, and Dorman Followwill at the ceremony of the Frost & Sullivan cloud award in London.
60 percent of today's business enterprises view cloud computing as the most important trend for 2017. This figure was ascertained through a survey conducted by the industry association Bitkom. Two years ago, less than half of the enterprises surveyed used cloud services – today the number is about two-thirds. "Cloud computing is making its mark and, within just a few years, has become the basic technology for digitization," said Dr. Axel Pols, Managing Director of Bitkom Research as he presented the survey findings.

Frost & Sullivan: excellent cloud services

The growing demand for cloud computing is fueling tough market competition. Frost & Sullivan, the well-known consulting firm in the USA, conducts an annual study of the providers doing business in this dynamic market. T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom's corporate customer arm, emerged as the top provider this year and received the European Cloud Services Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award. T-Systems clearly surpassed all of its competitors in the study. With an average of nine out of ten points, Frost & Sullivan rated T-Systems as "excellent" in every category.
sagt Alexander Michael, Leiter Unternehmungsberatung von Frost & Sullivan
Alexander Michael, Head of Business Consulting, Frost & Sullivan

Unique features in cloud services

The analysts were impressed by the corporate strategy, which not only results in short-term success, but also focuses on a consistent long-term business vision, according to the final report. Furthermore, Deutsche Telekom products and solutions are distinguished by unique selling points that are recognized throughout the industry and offer "the best value at an affordable price." Customer service is easy to reach, fast, uncomplicated and of the highest quality. That was also one of the main reasons why customers trust the Telekom brand.

Exemplary cloud provider

"Far too often business enterprises make important decisions without having an adequate understanding of the situation at hand," says, Alexander Michael, Head of Business Consulting, Frost & Sullivan.
Logo Frost & Sullivan
"That is a fatal mistake, because an in-depth understanding of the market is absolutely essential for a successful growth strategy. T-Systems is a prime example of a provider that has a solid and successful strategy. The company not only achieves short-term success, but also keeps a keen eye on factors such as technologies, economic trends, finances, customer behavior, demographics and business experience."