A pioneer for network-based services

Jun 14, 2017

According to GlobalData (formerly Current Analysis), Deutsche Telekom is the leading European provider of business networks and network-based IT services.
GlobalData study: Deutsche Telekom is the European market leader for business networks and network-based IT services.
Out of seven European providers of network-based business services assessed by GlobalData, Deutsche Telekom is the only one to achieve the highest category (“leader”). It scored points with its global network too. The analyst company regards Deutsche Telekom as the most important competitor on the market. “From being a network operator, Deutsche Telekom aims to become Europe’s leading network-based service provider, positioning itself with the best home network and with unequaled global reach through the strongest partners,” said Ian Grant, Senior Analyst Enterprise Mobility Europe at GlobalData. 
GlobalData, which came into being in 2016 following the merger of Current Analysis and other analyst companies, investigated the sector for business networks and network-based IT services in Europe.

Services independent of network access

The analysts regard Deutsche Telekom as the established communications and network service provider in Germany, dominating the market in key segments. Thanks to its new partnership with BT (British Telecommunications), the telecommunications company also has access to a global network and can use this for existing and new customers. GlobalData was particularly impressed by Deutsche Telekom’s plans to provide services in a seamless, integrated manner – regardless of network access. According to the analysts’ forecast, Deutsche Telekom will achieve this aim earlier than its competitors. 

Satisfied customers

When it comes to service and support, Deutsche Telekom scored points with its “Zero Outage” goal in network operations. Through Zero Outage, the company has increased customer satisfaction. GlobalData also praised the bundling of the service into a unit. Only in March 2017, TÜV certified the Deutsche Telekom customer care for the fifth time in a row.
For its “Company Assessments”, GlobalData uses publicly available information about the relevant company and assesses annual and quarterly reports for example. The analysts also question the provider as well as customers, trader, partners and competitors. The reports are updated approximately every six months. GlobalData also carries out so-called “Product Assessments”. The market researchers recently rated the T-Systems offering for unified communications and collaboration “very good”.
Competitive Index – Business Services Europe
Infografik der GlobalData: Competitive Index – Business Services Europe
GlobalData is a global market and competitive intelligence company formed in early 2016 following the consolidation of a series of well-established, highly-respected data and insights solution providers. GlobalData has compared and rated leading products and services offered in the collaboration and communications market each year in product assessments for over ten years. In this analysis, experienced analysts review publicly available product information and do primary research with providers, customers, retailers and partners.