Top marks for customer satisfaction – Zero Outage quality management re-confirmed

Nov 10, 2015

T-Systems scored top marks again in the latest TRI*M customer satisfaction survey carried out by TNS Infratest. The excellent results from the two previous years were exceeded – T-Systems is therefore once again in the top 10 percent of ICT service providers in Europe and has set a new benchmark. The return rate was 63 percent, 3 percent more than last year.

The age of digitization is already a reality

Many business processes are based on highly complex IT infrastructures. "Life without reliable IT is inconceivable today, and IT is critical for any company's business and success. That is why we established a comprehensive quality management program – Zero Outage – earlier than others. For three years running, our customers have reconfirmed that we are on the right track and have identified their most urgent challenges – thank you for this vote," says Dr. Ferri Abolhassan, Director of the Information Technology (IT) Division at T-Systems. Patrick Molck-Ude, Director of the TC Division, also considers the results to be "an unequivocal confirmation of our strategy: an increasingly digitized world only works in a perfect synergy of high-performance IT and high-availability telecommunications services that impress with maximum speed and reliability. Only T-Systems offers all this from a single source – in Germany and internationally." "This is precisely what the digital world is about. For example, let's think about our cloud ecosystem, a combination of proprietary offerings and partner solutions, where many customers work using a virtualized infrastructure, as is the case with our Open Telekom Cloud. Zero Outage is a key reason why increasing numbers of customers are trusting us with the management of multi-cloud platforms," underlines Anette Bronder, Director Digital Division.

Quality is the no. 1 purchase criterion

Analysts confirm that because high-availability technologies and networks are the foundations on which their companies are based, quality has now become the most important purchase criterion for IT and TC services. However, IT without any incidents is wishful thinking. Redundant twin core data centers ensure a high level of fail-safety. Nevertheless, in order to achieve 99.999 percent fail-safety, much more is needed. That is why T-Systems set up a Zero Outage program in 2011 with the aim of reducing outages to zero. In order to achieve this, the program must operate on all levels: platforms, processes, and staff – and it will only be effective in an emergency if the right preventive measures are taken. For example, T-Systems’ employees take part in up to 500 training exercises a year. For each incident and software change, a manager on duty and a representative of the top management are responsible around the clock until the problem has been resolved. This quality program is so successful that it has now been certified by TÜV.
"Outages of the ITC infrastructure are dreaded for a reason: every disruption to business-critical systems costs money and may even threaten a company's existence if the downtime persists," emphasizes Stephan Kasulke, Senior Vice President of Quality at T-Systems. He adds: "Zero Outage ensures that IT operations remain secure and stable, risks recede, and IT becomes the catalyst for efficient business processes."