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T-Systems is working on the mobility of the future

The ICT provider has been a partner of the innovation platform Startup Autobahn for 100 days

Full speed into the future

August 5, 2019 – T-Systems is now speeding up towards a mobile future: since March, the ICT provider has been participating in the Startup Autobahn, Europe's largest innovation platform. Currently, 27 companies and hundreds of startups are contributing their broad expertise to jointly developing even better processes and new products for the future of mobility, production, and companies.

T-Systems provides its extensive automotive expertise

Man working concentrated behind car windshield

T-Systems' partnership with Startup Autobahn will initially run for three years. All players will benefit from the Telekom subsidiary's many years of experience in the automotive IT sector: in 2001, T-Systems emerged from the major customer segment of Deutsche Telekom and Daimler-IT (debis-Systemhaus). Five years later, the IT subsidiary of Volkswagen (gedas) was added. Today, around 4,000 internal experts worldwide develop ICT solutions along the entire value chain of the automotive industry. They help T-Systems to accelerate the digitalization of the industry, particularly with their expertise in the areas of cloud and infrastructure, connectivity, digital services, and IT security. When it comes to the development of startups, the provider from the Deutsche Telekom Group can also contribute valuable expertise to the innovation platform: the Group's own incubator hub:raum has been in existence since 2012. And with its TechBoost program, Telekom is helping digital startups to expand.

"By joining Startup Autobahn, we are building on this experience," stresses Luz Mauch, who is responsible for Automotive and Manufacturing at T-Systems. "Our expertise in digital solutions make us a strong partner for all startups and companies involved in Startup Autobahn." During the first 100 days of the partnership, T-Systems expert teams actively participated in the scouting process and got to know over 60 startups; this has already produced some promising project approaches.

Our goal is to develop new services for connected and future autonomous driving. The startups provide us with fresh ideas.

Oliver Bahns, Head of Connected Mobility at T-Systems

Next startup scouting in Bonn

In mid-November, Startup Autobahn will arrive in Bonn. T-Systems is inviting all members of the network to a 'deep dive' in corporate headquarters. In keeping with the motto "The future of data empowered mobility", topics such as data-driven mobility and software-defined vehicles will be discussed. The event will focus on scouting: the innovation platform's partner companies will meet up to 20 startups and sound out a possible collaboration for the next program phase in short pitches. Sustainable innovations will be the order of the day here. The partners' aim is to create initial prototypes in 100-day pilot projects and to find out whether they can come together for further cooperation or investments. The pilot projects will be presented at an Expo Day in 2020.

3 word navigation system, VR entertainment, and AI monitoring

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Startup Autobahn has already produced some exciting innovations in the first three years: these include the extremely precise navigation system that Daimler has developed to market maturity together with what3words. Every three by three meter large patch of earth is clearly described with the help of three words, which makes them easier to find. The system is already fitted as standard in the Mercedes A-Class.

Daimler, Porsche, and Holoride received awards for a car entertainment system based on virtual reality (VR) at the latest Expo Day in Stuttgart: designed for use in vehicles, VR content adapts to the vehicle's driving time, movement, and environment, thereby creating a highly immersive driving experience and ensuring less travel sickness.
In addition, BASF has already developed an AI-based monitoring system together with the startup Bleenco. The intelligent system automatically detects within milliseconds whether a worker is wearing the necessary protective equipment and sounds an alarm if necessary. All data is completely anonymized, ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

About Startup Autobahn

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Startup Autobahn is the fastest way for startups to get together with companies and jointly develop innovative technologies for the mobility of the future. Located in the motor city of Stuttgart, the platform has been in existence since 2016 and its initiators include Daimler, ARENA 2036, Plug and Play, and the University of Stuttgart. Currently, 27 companies such as BASF, BP, Deutsche Post DHL, Hyundai, Linde, Porsche, TÜV Rheinland, Webasto, and hundreds of startups participate in the network.

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