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Perfect match: cloud, data protection and compliance

Compliance with data protection requirements and security in the cloud? Sure it's possible, but there are quite a few things to consider!

Compliance - the problem child: How can companies meet all of the requirements?

It's a real minefield: Never before has it been so complex for companies to comply with data protection, legal requirements and internal compliance guidelines for handling business and customer data. What's more, the requirements are constantly changing. Multi-cloud structures make everything even more complex. What's the best way to comply with the many different requirements and rules? And: How do those responsible maintain an overview?

The challenge: You need to know all of the respective laws and guidelines

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The issue of access rights, for example, is complex (Access Governance). After all, employees should only be able to access information that they need to complete their work. Often those responsible are not even aware when processes or technical solutions violate applicable laws or internal compliance guidelines. Or do you know ...

  • just how long certain documents must be archived in the company?
  • which data may be stored in a private cloud but not in a public cloud?
  • which information must remain within the jurisdiction of the EU?
  • which IT services are actually in use in the company - keyword "shadow IT"?

The solution: Our experts and uncompromisingly secure cloud services

At T-Systems, we are aware of all of these challenges thanks to the experience we have gained during thousands of projects with large companies. Together with you, we create the technical framework needed to support your relevant compliance and legal requirements – also in the cloud. To achieve this, we operate some of the most secure data centers in the world. Such as the highly secure twin-core data center of T-Systems in Biere in Saxony-Anhalt – the "Fort Knox for data".

No more sleepless nights for IT managers

Do you want to bring your IT and applications in line with legal provisions and compliance guidelines? With our managed cloud & infrastructure services, we provide the technical requirements to meet your specifications. So that you can sleep peacefully at night.

Experts for secure management

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We can help you: Our cloud experts analyze your IT infrastructure, create transparency, highlight possible pitfalls and, if desired, can even take over the management of your systems – no matter how complex they are. Multiple cloud infrastructures are our specialty. And it doesn't matter whether you use our own Telekom cloud services, such as the Open Telekom Cloud, or rely on services such as the Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. We maintain close partnerships with all major hyperscalers – and have countless in-house cloud experts who know all about them.

Corporate Governance: Avoid compliance violations

Do you want to bring your IT and applications in line with legal requirements and compliance guidelines? Then you need to deal with the following questions:

  • Which of your data may be transferred to a public cloud which processes and stores your data in data centers worldwide?
  • Which personal data may be transferred to a public cloud, but only within Germany?
  • When is it better to keep data in a private cloud or in on-premise systems?
  • How can a CRM system be used in the public cloud without violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
  • How can your data be encrypted in accordance with compliance requirements?
  • How do you ensure only authorized users obtain access to the data – even if the data is located in different cloud systems around the world?

Ensure you play it safe!

We can help you: Work with us to establish the technical requirements for ensuring compliance and legally compliant data processing. Write us a message.
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