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The Solution for Reducing IT Costs

How to keep IT on track with managed cloud & infrastructure services despite growing demands

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Those who embrace the digital transformation increase their sales

This is one of the results of the latest digitalization index of Telekom. Accordingly, companies that have a higher level of digitalization than others, increase their sales and acquire more new customers. Unfortunately, however, many companies often lack the resources to do this, especially when IT budgets stagnate. According to a survey by IDG, almost every seventh company wants to reduce IT expenditure, even though demands are actually increasing constantly.

Cost drivers in IT operations

How can you identify cost drivers, reduce the effort for IT operations and ensure significant cost reductions? Find out in our white paper.

The solution

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Reduce the costs and effort of managing your IT and applications – regardless of whether you want to consolidate your IT landscape or gradually migrate legacy systems to the cloud. With managed cloud & infrastructure services, T-Systems uncovers any existing cost drivers and eliminates them. In addition, it maintains an overview during ongoing operations, so that neither effort nor IT costs get out of hand.

In the cloud or on-premises: Clearly on the road to savings

The objective: the perfect eco-system

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T-Systems keeps an eye on your individual IT landscapes, right from the start of the project. Following a comprehensive analysis of the current situation regarding both the infrastructure and the application level, T-Systems determines the most suitable and future-proof IT operating model for you – vendor-neutral, state-of-the-art, and cost-optimized.

Optimize IT spendings now

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