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Check and reduce IT costs now

How IT costs can be reduced despite growing challenges

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Lower IT budget, lower transparency, in return for higher costs – CIOs in conflict


of IT decision makers are under pressure to cut costs.1


of companies want to reduce the administrative outlay using public clouds.2


of CIOs view manual processes as the greatest obstacle to optimizing IT costs.3


of CIOs view reporting by business services as challenging.3

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Cost drivers in IT operations

How can you identify cost drivers, reduce the effort for IT operations and ensure significant cost reductions? Find out in our white paper.

The goal: sustainable reduction in IT costs

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Depending on whether companies need to migrate or transform, there are cost drivers that make life unnecessarily difficult for those responsible: a lack of cost transparency, high operating costs for legacy systems, time-intensive, manual configurations of hardware and software as well as needing to rectify errors: industry experts agree that these are all costs which can be adjusted. According to their estimates, 30 percent of IT expenditure is cost-inefficient, i.e. the costs in question are unnecessary.2

2 Flexera 2020 State of Tech Spend Report

Migration projects: the costs should not be underestimated


A further example for potential savings: migration projects. Without the right IT strategy, you will quickly fall into a cost trap. Because when switching to cloud computing, there are numerous pitfalls to be aware of. Simple lift-and-share approaches tend to lead to rising costs. Applications, for example, should initially be designed as cloud-native to allow the costs to drop significantly and for savings of up to 30 percent to be realistic. This design, however, is no trivial thing. The laborious identification of application dependencies is the greatest challenge for 64 percent of companies.3

Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report

Greater cost transparency for digital processes

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In the face of needing to manage many technologies in parallel, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for companies to guarantee transparency, seamless processes, or comprehensive security and compliance. The more heterogeneous the IT, the more complex, opaque, laborious, and costly the management. It is therefore no surprise that many CIOs complain about a lack of cost transparency. For 61 percent of CIOs, cost transparency in business services is the greatest challenge. Anything but an ideal starting point for decision-makers to provide future-proof advancement of digitalization in the company.

Optimize IT expenditure now

Seek advice on how your IT costs can also be arranged more cost-effectively. Drop us a line.

Save up to 60 percent in operating costs

T-Systems has been keeping a check on your individual IT landscape from the start of the project, no matter whether you have an on-premises or cloud solution. Following a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, regarding both the infrastructure and the application level, we use our cloud assessment to determine the most suitable and future-proof IT operating model for you – vendor-neutral, state-of-the-art, and cost-optimized. By way of an example, after T-Systems implemented the Microsoft Azure migration, Aethra Automotive Systems saved up to 60 percent of its operating costs while also increasing its performance by 30 percent.

In the cloud or on-premises: Clearly on the road to savings

Stay agile and absorb crises

You, too, can reduce your IT costs and simplify the management of your applications and systems – regardless of whether you want to consolidate your IT landscape or gradually migrate legacy systems to the cloud. As a multi-cloud enabler and operator, T-Systems uses Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Services to reduce the complexity of your IT, and provides individual service level agreements for projectable costs and reliable operation. This allows you to maintain an overview so that neither outlay nor IT costs get out of control.

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