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Fueling business success via cloud transformation

Watch how a tailored cloud strategy can drive desired business results

Benefit quickly from cloud’s potential: How transformation projects succeed

Companies using multiple cloud platforms generate almost 60% higher revenues than those with no cloud or only one cloud. Sooner the companies start their cloud journey, the faster they will become more profitable. But how is transformation achieved if, for example, the IT department has little experience with migration processes? Here is a video on how a CEO overcame this and other challenges to enjoy a successful cloud transformation.

The sooner, the better: Exploit all the opportunities of the cloud

Watch this video as we walk you through a cloud transformation scenario in a large company. We have it all covered – from the initial planning to identifying the best solution, to successfully implementing the new cloud environment. You'll also learn about T-Systems’ approach, including four vital steps for maximizing the cloud’s value.

At a glance: What efficiently cloud environments must deliver

  • Direct and flexible access to cloud services
  • Stable operation of critical workloads and applications such as SAP's central ERP system
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Adherence to all compliance and regulatory requirements such as data protection
  • On-demand sovereign cloud where enterprises have control over data, software, and platform performance

Learn more about how to make the most of the cloud

How to succeed in the cloud

Our expert team works with you to identify a tailored, sustainable cloud strategy. We help you choose the optimal cloud platform and advise you on all matters relating to cybersecurity, scalability, and new functionality.

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