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AWS Outposts: Powering the edge experience

Outposts combine the scalability of cloud with low latency and tight integration of on-premises systems

Go hybrid on cloud with AWS Outposts and T-Systems Edge framework

As enterprises shorten time to value by automating production and business processes and unlocking big data insights, the modern cloud is reaching its limits. Computing at the Edge makes what was once impossible a reality, thus extending the boundaries of the cloud. The Edge Framework combines performant network solutions like 5G, hybrid edge computing services (AWS Outposts), and a rich ecosystem of digital services and solutions. 

Explore how you can leverage the power of Edge with AWS Outpost


Computing at the edge delivers what you need, where you need it. It enables more automation and provides data for analysis and decision-making in real-time. By bringing the power of the cloud closer, edge computing with AWS Outposts lets you implement Industry 4.0 solutions securely on premise, and:

  • Improves the performance and efficiency of your factory
  • Brings automation online in use-cases that demand low latency with high data volumes
  • Empowers your teams with intelligent tools that increase productivity
  • Implements solutions quickly and scale at your own pace
  • Enjoys a single point of control

Why Edge is the new cloud for factories

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Scale with AWS Outposts on our edge framework

Cloud infrastructures alone don't always meet the demand for capabilities influenced by geographic location, like low latency, data security, and autonomy. And modern businesses require more ‘heavy lifting’ with localized computing power. Top-level benefits of AWS Outposts include:

  • Run Amazon services and store and process data on-premises
  • Uniform developer and IT operations experiences in a hybrid environment
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Low-latency compute
  • Data residency compliance
  • Ease modernization  

AWS Outposts deliver a truly consistent hybrid cloud experience on edge.

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Multiple capabilities of edge

Edge computing combines the quality of business-critical applications with flexible, cloud-edge architecture. Capabilities include: 

  • Separation of the computing power and the devices, making them lightweight and more convenient to use
  • Online, real-time processing of massive data, minimizing data transfers between your campus and the cloud
  • Greater reliability and autonomy; increasing uptime and reducing operational risk
  • Enhanced data-security - critical data never leaves the campus
  • As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we can manage your entire stack with edge solutions like AWS Outposts.   

Succeed with edge on AWS

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