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T-Systems and Ericsson: accelerate automation

5G campus networks combine the advantages of public and private mobile networks

New campus networks for industry

T-Systems and Ericsson have a long-standing partnership in the fields of innovation, technology, and services. This unique partnership takes advantage of the best of both companies. This benefits the industry by enabling it to accelerate automation and respond more quickly to customer needs.

Premium LTE and 5G technologies from Ericsson

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Ericsson offers high-quality LTE and 5G technologies for the provision of dedicated (private) network solutions. The solution portfolio includes a local core network (server component for the data management of the network) and the access network (mobile radio antennas to connect end devices and industrial machines into the private network). In combination with the public mobile radio network, “campus networks” are created, which combine the advantages of public and private networks for industrial value creation.  T-Systems and Ericsson set up campus networks specifically for individual companies. The networks are therefore exclusively available to a single customer. This way, a campus network offers a particularly high level of coverage, capacity, and availability on a given premises. Industrial companies thereby have more secure and efficient infrastructure. In the future, completely new business models will also be possible with this new technology.

Secure, reliable, high-performance networks

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In the partnership, the campus networks are supplemented by solutions from the T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom portfolio. In addition to mobile communications, Wi-Fi can also be used. Existing customer networks are integrated into the overall infrastructure. And the customer has the option to include IoT products in their work processes. The offer covers the entire value chain: from campus network consulting (LTE or 5G), to the definition of various applications and their technical requirements, to implementation and secure operation. There are already many applications for a campus network in industry. These include driverless transport systems (AGVs), the predictive maintenance of machines, and virtual training for complex production processes.

The benefits that our partnership with Ericsson gives to you

Strong cooperation for the industry

Industrial companies benefit from Ericsson's industry-leading LTE and 5G technologies combined with T-Systems' connectivity expertise.

One offer for the entire value chain

From campus network consulting (LTE or 5G), to the definition of various applications and their technical requirements, to implementation and secure operation.

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