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MuleSoft: fast application integration

With the T-Systems-Partner MuleSoft, accelerate the digital transformation and increase agility with the help of APIs.

Connectivity platform for rapid software integration via APIs

The networking of company data and systems is a complex matter. Companies spend around 400 billion US dollars each year on system integration. And this trend is increasing rapidly with the growing number of IT projects. The Anypoint PlatformTM of our partner MuleSoft provides APIs and integration via a central platform, which allows applications, data and systems to be connected more quickly.

MuleSoft drives digitalization forward

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Application integration is a challenge for IT departments and the business, both in terms of time taken and the financial outlay. Around 60 percent of development costs are incurred for the maintenance and adaptation of systems alone - which in turn inhibits the digital transformation. According to a recent benchmark study by MuleSoft, companies use over 1,000 applications on average, but only a quarter of these are actually connected. As a result, opportunities to profitably evaluate existing data remain unused. The API integration platform can reduce development time and maintenance costs by around 60 percent and increase developer productivity by up to 65 percent.

Flexible use from the public, hybrid or private cloud

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The MuleSoft Anypoint PlatformTM can be used from the public cloud in the form of an SaaS offer. It is then ready for use within a matter of minutes. Those who do not want to process their data in a public cloud for data protection reasons, can also use the API integration platform with the following models:

  • in part or fully in the Open Telekom Cloud of T-Systems, which is operated in Germany
  • in a hybrid cloud as a separate instance with Azure, AWS or the Google Cloud Platform
  • in a private cloud or on-premise

The benefits that our partnership with MuleSoft gives you: End-to-end services - from consulting to implementation, from a single source

  • Consulting & Architecture:
    development of a strategy to integrate the Anypoint PlatformTM into the existing enterprise IT architecture and processes.
  • Implementation & Integration:
    setup and configuration of the Anypoint PlatformTM and connection of existing applications, data and systems.
  • Managed services:
    setup and maintenance of an infrastructure in the public, hybrid or private cloud for operating Anypoint PlatformTM.
  • Licenses:
    optimum mix of MuleSoft licenses for all specific use cases.
  • MuleSoft-certified developers and architects:
    both on-shore in Germany as well as near- and off-shore, according to your requirements.
  • Decades of experience:
    corporate architecture and integration projects have long been part of T-Systems' DNA.
  • Extensive technology experience:
    integration with Anypoint PlatformTM requires very good knowledge of technologies such as SAP, Salesforce or legacy systems, which are also part of T-Systems' DNA.

We can master every challenge with you!

We would be happy to provide you with the appropriate MuleSoft and API experts and answer your questions on how to bring new digital solutions and functions to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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