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E-paper: RISE with SAP

Explore exciting insights from the SAPinsider benchmark report: RISE with SAP

Cloud ERP: Paving the way to tomorrow's innovations today

RISE with SAP stands as the cornerstone of SAP's ERP and cloud strategy. For thousands of customers who will soon have to decide on their ERP future, being well-informed about RISE with SAP and the opportunities it brings for their business becomes paramount. Understanding the offering is essential for making informed decisions when the time comes. T-Systems is now a RISE with SAP premium supplier and can also aid your SAP S/4HANA transformation.

Find out in our e-paper about the SAPinsider report – RISE with SAP

  • How well SAP customers already know RISE with SAP
  • What advantages RISE with SAP have for their business
  • What concerns the SAP community has about RISE with SAP
  • What´s important when choosing the right cloud service provider


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