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T-Systems Industry Forum

The digital decade – technology for a sustainable future

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Sustainably shaping the future

Companies that are currently thinking of digitalization in connection with sustainability will have a clear competitive advantage. Together with pioneers from various industries, we show you how to create a sustainable future for your company.

Interdisciplinary innovation

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The European Commission has announced the digital transformation of Europe by 2030. High-performing, secure cloud infrastructure is the foundation for resource-saving value creation processes, data-driven business models open up new dimensions, and IoT technologies enable efficient processes. Through consistent orientation towards sustainable digital business processes, risks and costs can be reduced, while resilience and revenues are increased. How well equipped is your business for the sustainable digital transformation? Which industries are pioneers and how can you benefit from them?

An exciting mix of information and interaction awaits you

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The T-Systems Industry Forum offers you exciting information, interactions, and insights from top speakers across a variety of industries. You will learn about best-practices and receive innovative interdisciplinary inspiration.

The event will take place as a livestream from the Telekom Design Gallery and in live webinars. Our virtual exhibition offers you the chance to communicate directly with specialist experts.

Evaluate our propositions in live surveys and put your questions to the speakers in the chat. If you are interested, we will gladly invite you to a follow-up workshop, in which we can explore our questions in more detail.

The T-Systems Industry Forum – an event in the “Accelerate digital now” series – is presented in cooperation with Fortinet, Intel, AWS and Ericsson.

Featured speakers

Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist
Ranga Yogeshwar Science Journalist
Dr. Andreas Greis, SVP Digital Solutions, T-Systems
Dr. Andreas Greis SVP Digital Solutions T-Systems
Thomas Tschersich, Managing Director CTO/CSO, Deutsche Telekom Security
Thomas Tschersich Managing Director CTO/CSO Deutsche Telekom Security
Christian Till Roga, Head of global portfolio operational excellence & Executive Sponsor of Sustainability, T-Systems
Christian Till Roga Head of Global Portfolio Operational Excellence T-Systems
Markus Vitali, Head of Corporate Development at SBB Division Infrastruktur
Markus Vitali Head of Corporate Development SBB Division Infrastruktur
Viktor Kaupe, Project Manager Process Optimization Site Logistics Operations Germany and Central Europe, BASF
Victor Kaupe Project Manager Process Optimization Site Logistics Operations Germany and Central Europe BASF
Sven Schweden, Head of SAP-Cloud Platform & information Lifecycle, Henkel
Sven Schweden Head of SAP-Cloud Platform & Information Lifecycle Henkel
Jonas von Frieling, Head of Innovation Hub, Rhenus SN
Jonas von Frieling Head of Innovation Hub Rhenus SN
Portait Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt, University of Applied Science Würzburg/Schweinfurt
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Müller-Steinfahrt Director of IAL Institute of Applied Logistic Solutions University of Applied Science Würzburg/Schweinfurt
Stefan Wendt, Managing Partner, Microfin
Stefan Wendt Managing Partner Microfin
Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz, Dean and Institute Director, FOM Hochschule Digitization in healthcare
Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz Dean and Institute Director FOM Hochschule Digitization in healthcare

The program in detail

Live congress (10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)  –
Plenary session (10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.)

Keynote: Ranga Yogeshwar, Science Journalist

Technology impulses for a sustainable future with an industry perspective
Dr. Andreas Greis, SVP Digital Solutions, T-Systems
Thomas Tschersich, Managing Director CTO/CSO, Deutsche Telekom Security

Panel: Digitization and sustainability as a long-term success factor
Cross-industry panel of experts in conversation with each other and with you

Moderation: Ralf Bretting

Live webinars (11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

Register directly for one of our industry-specific live webinars:

  • Reducing complexity, increasing speed and creating degrees of freedom through digitization - best practices in chemical & pharma industries 
  • Technology trends along the supply chain: opportunities for transport & retail
  • Digital technologies vs. regulations: Compliant and innovative at the same time is not a contradiction in terms - sustainably secure IT sourcing for banking and insurance companies
  • Start of the digital decade in healthcare: How the patient controls care

On-demand sessions (always on)

In on-demand sessions, we provide a variety of industry-specific, recorded webinars, sessions and videos that complement the topics in the live congress and in the virtual exhibition.

Virtual exhibition (9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

Visit our virtual exhibition and speak to our experts live. In our interactive exhibition world, we present industry-specific solutions at our stands. Make an appointment with a specialist in advance. 

You can visit the following stands:

  • Technology & Solutions for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Technology & Solutions for Travel, Transport & Logistics
  • Technology & Solutions for Automotive
  • Technology & Solutions for Retail
  • Technology & Solutions for Financial Services
  • Technology & Solutions for Healthcare
  • Industrial Security
  • Digital Solutions & Edge Computing
  • Cloud Transformation

Discover our virtual industry map

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